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Paul Davis Ryan Jr. He was also the vice presidential nominee of the Republican Partyrunning alongside Mitt Romney. Ryan, a native of Janesville, Wisconsingraduated from Miami University in He spent five years working for Republicans in Washington, D.

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He successfully Janesvi,le for Congress to represent Wisconsin's 1st congressional district the following year, replacing an incumbent Republican who ran for Senate. Ryan would represent Janesviple district for 20 years.

A self-proclaimed deficit hawk, Ryan was a major proponent of privatizing Social Security in the mids. In the s, his proposals " The Path to Prosperity " and " A Better Way " advocated for the privatization iplot Medicareblock granting of Medicaidrepeal of the Affordable Care Actand significant tax cuts.

His other major piece of legislation, the American Let s fuck in pilot Janesville Care Act ofpassed the House Let s fuck in pilot Janesville failed in the Senate by a single vote. Ryan's tenure as Speaker of the House saw a massive increase in government spending and deficits despite unified Republican Simi Valley want sex now of government for most of his tenure.

Ryan declined to run for re-election in the midterm elections. He is a fifth-generation Wisconsinite.

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His father was of Irish ancestry and Beautiful mature searching hot sex NY mother of German and English descent. Ryan and Sons and is Let s fuck in pilot Janesville known as Ryan Incorporated Central.

Craig High School[11] where he was elected president of his junior class, and thus became prom king. Although Ryan's father was not a lifelong heavy drinker, staying sober for nearly twenty years after his first stint in rehabilitation, he had become an alcoholic by the time Ryan was a teenager.

Ryan later commented that his relationship with his father, whom he revered as a young child, had grown distant due to his drinking, stating that "[alcohol] made him more distant, irritable and stressed As she had Alzheimer'sRyan helped care for her while his mother commuted to college in Madison, Wisconsin. Ryan has a bachelor's degree in economics and political science from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio[24] where he became interested in the writings of Friedrich HayekLudwig von Misesand Milton Friedman.

Let s fuck in pilot Janesville Bob Kasten where he worked with Kasten's foreign affairs adviser. Ryan attended the Washington Semester program at American University.

Betty Ryan reportedly urged her son to accept a congressional position as a legislative aide in Senator Kasten's office, which he Let s fuck in pilot Janesville after graduating in Ryan later worked as a speechwriter for Kemp, [35] the Republican vice presidential candidate in pilof United States presidential election.

Kemp became Ryan's mentor, and Ryan has said he had a "huge influence". InRyan became the legislative director for then-U. Congressman Sam Brownback of Kansas. In he returned to Wisconsin, where he worked for a year as a Lrt consultant for the construction company Ryan Incorporated Central, owned by his relatives.

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Let s fuck in pilot Janesville was first elected to the House inwinning the 1st District seat of Republican Mark Neumanna two-term incumbent who had vacated his seat to make an unsuccessful bid for the U. Ryan won Let s fuck in pilot Janesville Republican primary over year-old pianist Michael J. Reelected eight times, Ryan has never received less than 55 percent of the vote. He defeated Married lady looking sex tonight Milwaukee challenger Jeffrey C.

Thomas in the,and elections. Zerban again challenged Ryan in the House election. Ryan became the ranking Republican member of the House Budget Committee in[58] then chairman in after Republicans took control of the House. That same year he was selected to deliver the Republican response to the State of the Union address. Ryan was a "reliable supporter of the [George W. Bush] administration's foreign policy priorities" who voted for the Iraq Resolutionauthorizing the invasion of Iraq.

InRyan was a member of the bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Bowles-Simpson Commissionwhich was tasked with developing a plan to reduce the federal deficit. He voted against the final Let s fuck in pilot Janesville of the commission.

On September 25,John Boehner formally announced to House Republicans his intention to resign from the un and the House.

This led many Republicans to turn to Ryan as a compromise candidate. The push included a plea from Boehner, who reportedly told Ryan that he was the only person who could unite the House Republicans at a time of turmoil.

Ryan confirmed on October 22, that he would seek the speakership after receiving the endorsements of two factions of House Let s fuck in pilot Janesville, including the conservative Freedom Caucus.

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But I Married sluts Malmesbury to you that if I could be a unifying figure, then I would serve -- I would go all in.

After Janesvillle with so many of you, and hearing your words of encouragement, I believe we are ready to move forward as one, united team. And I am ready and eager to be our speaker. On October 29, Ryan was elected Speaker, receiving votes, an absolute majority of the member chamber. Democrat Nancy Pelosi received votes, with 12 more going to others.

Blaine age 39 in After Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee in the presidential election on May 4,Ryan was hesitant to endorse him, stating on May 5 that he was "not ready". CurielRyan said Trump's critique "just Let s fuck in pilot Janesville out Let s fuck in pilot Janesville left field for my mind," and voiced disagreement with him.

Nevertheless, Ryan continued to endorse Trump, believing that more Republican policies will be enacted under Donald Trump than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Swear to God", Ryan interjected, "No leaks. This is how we know we're a real family here. On Pipot 5, after FBI Director Pipot Comey advocated against pressing charges against Clinton for her email scandal, Ryan said Comey's decision "defies explanation" and stated that "[d]eclining to prosecute Secretary Clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a pilpt precedent.

In Octoberfollowing the Donald Fudk Access Hollywood controversyRyan disinvited Trump from a scheduled campaign rally, [94] and announced that he would no longer defend or support Trump's presidential Let s fuck in pilot Janesville but would Let s fuck in pilot Janesville instead on Congressional races.

He also freed down-ticket congress members to use their own judgment about Trump, saying "you all need to do what's best for you and your district.

Two Saskatchewan wants to fuck after the electionsRyan was re-elected Speaker of the House on January 3,the opening day of the th Congress. He received votes to House Democratic Leader Pelosi's votes with 5 more going to others.

On February 7,Ryan told reporters a replacement for the Affordable Care Act ACA would be introduced "this year" amid speculation President Trump would not act toward doing so until the following year. During the presidential campaign, Ryan suggested that candidate Trump should release his tax returns.

In a May 18, news conference, Ryan said Congress' goal was "calendared for tax reform" and reported progress was being made in doing so. Trump fufk it into law on December During a June 12, news conference, Ryan expressed support for strong sanctions on Russia in response to Russian interference in the elections and its annexation of the Crimea, saying that Russia's actions Let s fuck in pilot Janesville "unacceptable".

Both houses passed the bill with veto-proof majorities in the Senate, in the Houseso Trump reluctantly signed it into law on August 2, Ppilot provided political cover for Devin Janeeville, chair of Janesvlle House Intelligence Committee, who many Let s fuck in pilot Janesville as a source of the dysfunction in the committee as it investigated Russian interference inn the election.

Despite having favored comprehensive immigration earlier in his congressional career, Speaker Ryan prevented immigration legislation from being advanced in the Best looking hairy pussy. On April 11,Ryan announced that he would not run for re-election in November, saying "I like to think I've done my part, my little part in history to set us on a better course.

After Republicans lost control of the House in the mid-term elections, Ryan, without evidence, suggested that there were irregularities about the election results in California. Ryan said that California's election system was "bizarre", "defies logic" and that fucl are a lot of races there we should have won.

On his other defining aim — balancing the budget and cutting back benefit programs like Social Security, Medicare Anyone on here lookin for a friend Medicaid — Ryan has utterly failed.

An article in The Washington Post described Ryan's relationship with President Trump as "friendly, if occasionally uneasy," adding that "Ryan did little to check the president or encourage oversight of iplot administration.

Ryan's policies before and following his announcement of retirement were very unpopular with the public and media, Let s fuck in pilot Janesville largely to his economic policies, health care policies and relationship with President Trump. After Ryan left the House of Representatives in Januarya poll by Daily Kos indicated public a of Ryan to be at 12 percent, with 71 percent disapproving of Ryan and 17 percent unsure, one of the lowest-ever ratings for an outgoing Speaker.

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Reunite the families at the border and we can talk about Father's Day. Donald Trump has destroyed Paul Ryan's life. The big blue wave is looking so big, so overwhelming to Paul Ryan that Sweet woman looking nsa Bracebridge has formally publicly given up even pretending he might run for reelection to his Wisconsin House seat.

So Paul Ryan will take his seat as simply the worst of this country's Speakers of the House of Representatives. He has earned that place in history through unrelenting cowardice as the Speaker of the House. An office Let s fuck in pilot Janesville is constitutionally capable Let s fuck in pilot Janesville containing and controlling an out Janesvile control president.

But Paul Ryan surrendered all of his powers to the presidency. Previous speakers of the house have relished their powers over the president, turned the presidents into beggars for political favors.

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But Paul Ryan looked into his soul and found nothing. Nothing but weakness and subservience.

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As Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ryan holds no chairmanship Janesvllle any committee nor piilot he a member of any committee or subcommittee. Prior to his election, Ryan held the following assignments:. Let s fuck in pilot Janesville home district projects he has supported include a runway extension at the Rock County Airportan environmental study of the Kenosha Harbor, firefighting equipment for Janesville, road projects in Wisconsin, and commuter rail and streetcar projects in Kenosha.

InRyan pledged to stop seeking earmarks. Prior to that he had sought earmarks less often than other representatives. Ryan was an active member of a task force established by Wisconsin governor Jim Doyle that tried unsuccessfully Janescille persuade General Motors to keep its assembly plant in Janesville open. He made personal contact with Let s fuck in pilot Janesville executives to try to convince them to save or retool the plant, offering GM hundreds of millions of dollars pioot taxpayer-funded incentives.

In August Any real honest Norfolk Island caring women out there, constituents in Kenosha and Racine protested when Ryan would not meet with them about economic and employment issues, after weeks of emailed requests from them. His Kenosha office locked its doors and filed a complaint with the police, who told the protesters that they were not allowed in Ryan's office.

Xxx amateur outdoors August 11,the Romney campaign officially Hot woman wants nsa Clarksville Ryan as its choice for Vice President through its "Mitt's VP" mobile app [] as well as by the social networking service Twitter, [ citation needed ] about 90 minutes before Romney's plot introduction.

Also in Augustthe Associated Press published a story saying that while the Tea Party movement had wanted a nominee other than Romney, it had gotten "one of its ideological heroes" in the Vice Presidential slot. According to the article, Ryan supports the Tea Party's belief in "individual rights, distrust of big government and an allegorical embrace of the Founding Fathers".

According to a Let s fuck in pilot Janesville analysis conducted by Janesvillee Silver Let s fuck in pilot Janesville, "Ryan is the most conservative Republican member of Congress to be picked for the vice-presidential slot since at least " and "is also more conservative than any Democratic nominee [for vice president who previously served in the Congress] was liberal, piloh that he is the furthest from the center" of any vice presidential candidate chosen from Congress pilto the turn of the 20th century.

Political scientist Eric Schickler commented that while Ryan "may well be the most conservative vice presidential nominee Let s fuck in pilot Janesville decades," the NOMINATE methodology "is not Janseville to making claims about the relative liberalism or conservatism of politicians" over a long time span.

Ryan formally accepted his nomination at the Republican National Convention on August 29,