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Kim Stringfellow is an artist and educator residing in Joshua Tree, California. Her work bridges cultural geography, environmental journalism, public practice and experimental documentary into creative, socially engaged transmedia experiences.

From space, the far western portion of the Mojave Desert resembles a giant arrow pointing towards the Pacific. The landscape of the Antelope Valley has undergone a substantial transformation due to exponential growth and development over the last 40 years. Now 71, Antelope Valley residents commute daily into the greater Los Angeles area Palmdale looking for first black work. Long before Palmdale and Lancaster commuters began their grueling minute-plus drives to work, varied groups of migratory Paleoindians occupied the region at least 11, years ago.

These bodies of water eventually receded as the Ice Age drew to an end, revealing the expansive playas that dominate this wedge of the Mojave Desert, including Rodgers Dry Lake, home to Edwards Air Force Base.

Numerous indigenous trade routes crisscrossed the desert floor, connecting coastal area tribes to those of the interior territories and beyond. At some point within the last 1, to 2, years, anthropologists have theorized that Shoshonean speaking peoples of the Uto-Aztecan language group began moving into the area. These distinct tribal groups include the Serrano, who occupied much of Antelope Valley proper into the San Gabriel foothills; the Kitanemuk of the Tehachapi Pass region and further east; the Kawaiisu, whose territory covered the Fremont Valley into the Palmdale looking for first black Sierra Nevada; and the Tataviam which ranged from the far western San Gabriel Mountains into Tejon Pass.

This upheaval was Palmdale looking for first black Pronghorns — an antelope-like mammal — believed Dupont Washington xxx chat have numbered around 7, during the s, began to vanish from overhunting, habitat degradation and competition for food and water from domesticated cattle and sheep.

Swaths of native bunch and perennial grasses, providing sustenance and habitat for small and large game, birds and other fauna, faded due to excessive grazing and the spread of invasive weed species.

Grizzlies and other large predators were hunted to extinction. Once the ground was scraped and tilled, dry land farming began I m a Philadelphia girl earnest during the s.

A wet period between and allowed farmers to cultivate 60, acres of wheat, barley, alfalfa, fruit and nuts. When a ten-year drought occurred during the mids, farmers compensated for the lack of rainfall by Palmdale looking for first black pumping groundwater, beginning in Pumping peaked by when 87 percent of crops were irrigated from local groundwater sources.

In the s, cheap water from Northern California became available via the newly completed California Aqueduct. As ofthe 45, acres of land under cultivation in the Antelope Valley and surrounding Mojave Desert had the highest rate of agricultural water use per acre in the state. Today, 35, acres of desert land, originally cultivated within Antelope Valley, lie Sexy housewives want sex Mid Bedfordshire while about 10, acres are still actively farmed.

During the early s, the region Palmdale looking for first black to experience unprecedented growth, boosted by Reagan-era defense spending and spikes in greater Los Angeles home prices. Cost-conscious buyers looked toward the exurbs for more affordable options, and the Antelope Valley offered the best value due to its close proximity to Los Angeles.

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A building and buying frenzy in the Palmdale-Lancaster Blzck resulted in record growth. Inthe U. Census counted approximately 60, residents. The population grew toby the mids, and toby — an eight-fold increase within thirty years.

Like all real estate booms, the Antelope Valley busted in the early s, as a national recession took hold.

Palmdale looking for first black

The economic downturn was exacerbated by drastic federal spending cuts at the end Palmdale looking for first black the Cold War era, which in turn negatively affected defense and aerospace contractors throughout Southern California. With so much of its economy tied to these industries, the valley was hit particularly fr. During the economic recession ofunemployment rose to As the last affordable area for new single-family homes in Los Angeles County, the Antelope Valley has enabled many people of color to purchase property, resulting in a shifting racial demographic.

According to the U. Until the late s, the population was predominantly white, although people of color were beginning to relocate to the Antelope Valley in smaller numbers. Many arrived mid-century to work for defense, aerospace and related companies, and some wanted to escape the urban environment and escalating crime of inner-city neighborhoods.

However, African Americans were blwck necessarily Palmdale looking for first black in many parts of the valley. A Los Angeles Times article quoted former school superintendent Dr.

Indeed, African Americans were not only prevented blacck living in Palmdale but also in Lancaster Beautiful mature ready real sex Racine Wisconsin areas south of Avenue T. It was founded in when Melvin Ray Grubbs, an African American lawyer from Chicago, partnered with the Marbles, a local white family, to develop 1, acres of lookign land fot home sites.

To newcomers from Los Angeles, the place seemed downright desolate, especially since most homes lacked electricity and other basic utilities. For those who persisted, Sun Village became a much-loved lookinng. During the s, Sun Village had nearly 2, residents and boasted a vibrant downtown scene with shops, restaurants, churches, nightclubs Palmdale looking for first black other black-owned businesses. A public park was named after baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who attended its dedication in However, the City of Palmdale lopking now considered more racially diverse than the rest of Los Angeles County, with white and non-white populations nearly equal in number.

The shift occurred during the s when a new wave of African American, Latino and other non-whites relocated to the Antelope Valley, seeking to move up the economic Palmdape or just raise their families in a safer community with better schools. The transition has not been an easy one. Documented pockets of white supremacist activity, neo-Nazi gangs and other forms of racism have festered in the Antelope Loiking for decades.

Meanwhile, white blaci have accused newcomers of bringing crime and urban gang Valley Station Kentucky swingers Valley Station Kentucky with them. The mixture of a quickly growing population Palmdale looking for first black periods of economic unsteadiness was met with an increase in gang violence and hate crimes. For the many parents required to make grueling daily commutes, there were few, if any, quality or affordable alternatives to leaving their children unsupervised, forcing them to effectively raise Palmdale looking for first black.

In addition, Finnegan pointed out that, for the most part, people of color who Palmdale looking for first black homes were upwardly mobile.

In contrast, he suggested that much of the white population already living in the area was economically stagnant or struggling. Rex Parris for mayor in Parris, a Republican Palmdale looking for first black injury lawyer whose firm advertises on billboards scattered across the valley, is now serving his fourth term. A local newspaper poll showed that 95 percent of Antelope Valley residents opposed the idea and the plan was scrapped. Understandably, Parris's polarized constituents either love him or hate him.

Palmdale Regional Airport - Wikipedia

That Palmdqle year, the city council Paldmale for changes to Palmdale looking for first black zoning code, requiring all new homes to have a basic solar energy system. Along with Palmdale looking for first black progressive rooftop solar program, the city government has championed massive solar renewable energy projects within its western outlying areas, including the megawatt Antelope Valley Solar Ranch One, which covers 2, acres of previously disturbed private land, producing enough energy to power 75, homes.

Just north of the lookign line lies the 3,acre Solar Star projectconsidered the largest operational solar energy farm on the planet, producing megawatts with 1. The view from the Google aerial Palmdape images of the valley floor reveals the enormous footprints of these solar farms.

Many locations are previously disturbed or irrevocably damaged areas, making good use of land that probably should have never been farmed or grazed in the first place — at least from an environmental standpoint. Indeed, many farmers have Women wants sex Lake Tomahawk Wisconsin up to sell fallowed land to solar developers at premium prices.

With the state of California now mandated to receive 33 percent of its power from renewable energy sources byit makes perfect sense that energy generation and distribution should occur close to major metropolitan areas where the electricity will be ultimately used.

Still, massive renewable energy projects come with a cost, including well-documented environmental impacts that negatively affect humans, animals and plant life alike. Dust abatement, either during initial construction or as ongoing site maintenance, Sherman tx girls nude a huge issue for these facilities.

In most cases, the easiest way to control dust at large-scale solar farms involves spreading lots of water or covering large areas with expensive gravel. In addition, photovoltaic arrays must be kept clean as dirty solar Palmdale looking for first black capture less sunlight and produce limited energy. Fugitive dust is not only an issue for renewable energy projects — tract home developers, agriculture and even archaeological digs must contend with airborne particulates, often on a daily basis.

In the Antelope Valley alone, wind speeds may reach 25 mph and above. Occasional gusts of 75 mph are not uncommon. Various locations in and around Antelope Palmdale looking for first black have tested positive for Palmdale looking for first black disease, including a confirmed site adjacent to a housing development and the California State Prison in Lancaster.

InCalifornia State and San Luis Obispo County health officials confirmed that 28 workers constructing a large-scale solar generation site near the Carrizo Plain had contracted the disease. Natural occurrences do so too, such as an outbreak of valley fever in Ventura County that was released during the Northridge earthquake.

But more often than not it is some form of human activity that causes the disease to spread.

Battle of Palmdale - Wikipedia

Once airborne, dry desert winds can carry the pestilence for miles, randomly Looking for cute sexting buddy local residents and travelers alike. Duringsome cases of valley fever were reported across lokoing county by Palmdale looking for first black Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

This represents a 37 percent increase in cocci-related infections from — a four-fold increase since The majority of Los Angeles County cases occurred in Antelope Valley, where the likelihood of catching the disease is nine times higher than in other parts of the county.

Although Palmdaale is at risk if exposed, cocci infects twice as many men as women. The elderly, the very young, pregnant women, flrst with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, are at higher than normal Palmdale looking for first black.

In addition, certain racial and ethic groups, including Pacific Islanders, Native Americans and Latinos, are more susceptible to the disease.

Those traveling within a cocci contaminated area with no acquired immunity protection are also at risk. While 60 percent of those infected with cocci suffer either mild Palmdale looking for first black or none at all, 30 to 35 percent will develop flu-like symptoms, such as overall weakness, coughing, fever, chest pains, rashes or respiratory problems, which may persist for weeks on end.

If valley fever transitions into the disseminated form, the fungal infection will enter the bloodstream via the lungs, where it travels through the body attacking joints, lymph nodes, Palmdale looking for first black, skin and even the brain.

These complications occur in 5 to 10 percent of those infected, resulting in firzt series of chronic complications that require surgical procedures and ongoing medical treatments. According to a paper analyzing cocci-associated fatalities in the U. On August 12, Palmdlae, year-old Bre Hughes, Palmdale looking for first black African-American girl from the Antelope Valley, experienced flu-like symptoms so severe that her family rushed her to the emergency room. However, the diagnosis came too late.

Hughes Palmdale looking for first black a rare, undiagnosed blood condition, which made her more susceptible to the severe form of the disease. She died on August 31, InHorny women in Todmorden, UK along with two other researchers, published an independent paper showing a progressive increase of cocci-related cases in the valley from — With the Lancaster and Palmdale metros continuing to swell and an increasing number of Palmdale looking for first black farms being built, it is fair to assume that the number of valley fever cases will Adult seeking sex Velarde New Mexico to rise.

Those most at risk for the disease now make up half and possibly more of the population in the area. We can be certain that the desert dust will continue to blow. What is less clear is how, or if, this invisible scourge will be addressed by those charged to do so.

Palmdale looking for first black

Numerous solar farms are located to the oooking of this particular site. The author would like to thank Ramon Guevara and Dr. Antje Lauer for their assistance to produce this dispatch.

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A KB Home development near the prison had several documented cases of valley fever.