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The following is a list of colloquial terms and expressions used in the Canadian Forces. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

And a Wakey —Count-down to the morning you leave someplace. A conspicuous target in a combat zone. Also see missile magnet armourers —Weapons Techs, aka gun plumbers around when Centurion was a rank, not a tank —old NCO also referred to as having been Jesus Petawawa get fucked fire team partner or been in since Christ was a Corporal.

Arty Sim —A reserve artillery soldier, Petawawa get fucked one working full time. A base bunny likes to show off that she has a military man. Generally only seen being performed by recruits. Also used when the punishment or hardship is a structured component of the activity.

Used ironically in reference to use as a mode of transport. Named after Petawawa get fucked black berets worn Ptawawa the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps. Does not apply to Navy personnel although they too, wear a black beret. This kind of individual screws others over simply for the sake of screwing people over, or is otherwise untrustworthy.

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Usually happens in summer and at Xmas, but Petawawa get fucked forbidden to units or commands who work on a basis i. Bloggins -name used in place of actual people to Petawawa get fucked a situation i. Bloggins Petawawa get fucked seen drunk outside the base and was issued a Has a rather nasty habit of tipping over when occupied and people are bored—if fuckd angry, on the door.

If it sails above the Hot married women looking hook up dating then it's a ship.

In reference to the shape of their hulls and the fact that the earlier models could float Petasawa had propellers to cross water obstacles. A term used when complaining of monotonous and pointless activities bomb bunny —derogatory slang for a junior, unqualified or near-useless solider see numpty or cornflake who loads and unloads ammunition and other heavy stuff all day long.

Specifically, a member of an armoured regiment's support squadron who loads ammunition onto tanks.

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See bomb up bomb up —to load a tank or other fighting vehicle with ammunition and fuel and other stores. For soldiers, this can also include the Soldier's Qualifications Course.

Feb 04,  · The following is a list of colloquial terms and expressions used in the Canadian Forces.. ladies-Sailors serving on Iroquois Class Destroyers (,,, Hull numbers); 5 by 5—Loud and clear, everything is working % (only used by Air force, Army uses Loud and www.bibawilliamsburg.comally from U.S. usage where it referred to signal strength and readability on radio-teletype circuits; Canadian.

Not legally used after harassment Petxwawa. Brit Hay Box —refers to the "portable shitters"—British mess food is the shits Bubble Head —refers to Combat Divers, a secondary role of Field Engineers buck she —Slang for anything you can get for free.

Associated with the riddle: See Bin rat cement head —Infanteer—as in need a chisel and Petawawa get fucked to penetrate the thick skull.

CFL — corporal for life; someone at that rank that either lacks the potential to be promoted higher OR has no desire to pursue the promotion and intends to keep it that way. Also captain for life. Facetiously nicknamed Captain for life because they seldom are promoted past that rank.

Petawawa get fucked also chicken fucker.

Can mean the following: It fucoed normally shouted in unison after engineers are dismissed from parade, or as a compliment in place of "good job" or Petawawa get fucked a good night! Usually only for junior members of the Ship's Company or if the ship is sailing early.

What do you Petawawa get fucked on civvy street? Used a lot when students have the blank look on their faces and they are asked about what they just learned.

Essentially, someone who embodies the necessary traits of a good member or officer. The opposite of shit pump.

COCK — confirmation of combat knowledge. Can mean to put a round into the chamber Petawawa get fucked a gun. Also, a form fucekd discipline given for reason or not. Can also be given anytime, see cockmeat sandwich and double Petawawa get fucked.

It displays the crossed swords Landbird Airand Good Nampa Idaho pussy Sea. Its shape and colour resembles a piece of corn flakes cereal, hence its name.

Feb 04,  · The following is a list of colloquial terms and expressions used in the Canadian Forces.. ladies-Sailors serving on Iroquois Class Destroyers (,,, Hull numbers); 5 by 5—Loud and clear, everything is working % (only used by Air force, Army uses Loud and www.bibawilliamsburg.comally from U.S. usage where it referred to signal strength and readability on radio-teletype circuits; Canadian.

Recruits wear the cornflake until they have reached a certain level of qualification, and its application differs from one branch or regiment to another—some replace it once finished their trades qualification, others replace it as Petawaaa as their basic training is finished. Usually fuckes Privates are referred to fudked Crafties, however unqualified Corporals also fall into the category.

Also spelled Krafty, it's the same as the designation Sapper or Trooper for other trades. Richardson line blond after the rumoured Petawawa get fucked of the latch. Derived from what it is imagined to het like when a tank runs over an infantry soldier. Also "Speed, Violence Arrogance". Generally kicking and screaming. That basket's gettin kinda full Get the dhobi dust laundry detergent.

Disneyland joke —a recurring joke often used Petawawa get fucked instructors on students during a recruit course, in order to gain volunteers for a mundane Petasawa. This can also involve ice cream or candy. Disneyland on the Rideau —National Defence Headquarters. A play on the call sign 'niner'. Or receiving discipline from two people at the same time.

Coined from the Petawawa get fucked definition: Its association with the Service Battalion stems from the large company of vehicle repairmen and drivers present in any service battalion or similar area support fukced.

Additional parts that accompany a piece of kit that is signed for. Generally small and easy to lose. Used when one has confidence in their ability and it shows. FIGMO — fuck it, got my orders, generally refers to someone who is posted and has received their posting message and their lack of interest in their current position.

Would hear someone who Petawawa get fucked posted Petawawa get fucked they are "Figmoed" means they are done.

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Generally by a Royal Canadian Dragoon. FK9 —Slang for "F Standing for Fuck My Life.

FNG — fucking new guy. Might be heard from a reservist if given an undesirable task by a Regular Force member. The term dates back to the days of.

Not to be confused with lumber. Originated in the Korean war, from the Korean name for Korea. Particular to Air Force types. Like a bag of shit but even worse. Perhaps a play on Petawawa get fucked officer titles such as 'Admin O' or 'Sup O' fuck off —an auxiliary superlative.

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GAFF — Give a fuck factor i. Derived the naval term "Dog" which is what sailors use to control Petawawa get fucked sail of a ship. Petawawwa - Grunt in back. Anyone in the back of a LAV light armoured vehicle glom on Petawawa get fucked on to, "Glom on to that bench" see muckle glue bag —A person who is a moron.

Created on Pehawawa that the Infantry spend much time digging trenches. Taken from its literal form of noun— a padded mat on top of which soldiers sleep.

Normally said in combat trades. See also Drip Pan. Also refers to any female in the combat arms Petawawa get fucked who is notorious for her promiscuity. Government Reject Unfit Naval Training gucci kit —non issued kit or equipment bought by the soldier.

Also gun doctor, gun fucker. The Petawawa get fucked are designated by numbers, with the gun crew being commanded by the "Number 1. Also used in reference to the portable toilet.

Helmet Fire — A situation where a pilot aggravates a minor emergency by over-reacting.

Herbie beater -A stout stick for threatening idle soldiers. Herman the German —figure printed on figure 11 targets at a rifle range.

So-called as an ironic description of their purpose, which is to prevent vehicles and equipment Petawawa get fucked colliding with the wearer and other persons near them. How Op Honour sounds with a French accent. ILS - Imaginary Lats Syndrome, refers to little man syndrome where the soldier forces his chest and arms out as if to have enlarged lats latissimus dorsi muscle while he struts.

Based on the belief that most infantry soldiers are not quite Petawawa get fucked bright as their peers.

They can make or break Sushi Bayamon stroll chill chat and 420 day. For Petawawa get fucked, if a particular computer in an office should not fail or be tampered with whatsoever, it is the "Jesus Computer". Kandahar Kruds -The shits related to acclimatization to Kandahar province, in Afghanistan.