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Although that reminds me of one of my old standby stories from NAU. I should have said the Trump Presidency reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show Pine Hill girl get fuck the entire world is their stage and the cast of characters is infinite.

Although I thought we had it all once Stormy Daniels was on set and we had see it all. But nope…they just keep coming. I know forgiveness is a cornerstone of our common Christian Faith, but I also know sinners have to first repent and atone for their sins…right? What do you think? Nahhhh…I screwed that stroll down memory lane up.

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That was bougainvilleas the landscapers planted everywhere on that lot in PV. Those things are really nasty with thorns.

It will come to me and I will get back with uou on that one. I pasted one on the Sex personals Deming of my hardhat underneath the suspension webbing when I started as a hotshot in so I could study it during breaks.

Pretty good idea huh? I should have submitted that as an Employee Suggestion…. Like we discussed the other day, my favorite was always Number 10, which I also thought should have been Numba One. And technically…in support of my Minimalist Theory of Dating websites, if you Pine Hill girl get fuck followed that ONE order, that was the only one you needed….

I mean…it kind of sums up the other 9 plus all of the other safety advisories, guidelines, suggestions, standard operating procedures, general orders, policies, directives and recommendations…right? Pine Hill girl get fuck you can imagine, having both the President and Vice President in the same place at the same time was a really big security deal involving hundreds of security people from dozens of agencies.

Most of these were variations of special operations type tactical teams because they were covering mostly outdoor areas and uniformed people because they were assigned to static posts like in stairwells or wherever.

I Pine Hill girl get fuck just been instructed to bring both casual clothing and BDUs and show up in the high Cougar that wants discreet hook ups Pine Hill girl get fuck at Tusayan at a certain time. I expected to be either guarding a tree or a doorway and I was good with that, it all Pine Hill girl get fuck the same as we used to say on the fire line. The big deal was I got to be there when the President got off his plane which looked wayyyyy to big to be landing at the Tusayan airport and then I got to ride in his motorcade and hundreds of people were lining the streets waving to me as I went by; I felt very special and wanted.

It was really a very clever sign and they had put a Pine Hill girl get fuck of work into it, but they screwed up because they had hunting rifles just like every other Utah cowboys has in their truck, which combined Pine Hill girl get fuck the funny but implied threat Pine Hill girl get fuck the President and Vice President of the United States backed up by high powered scoped rifles, made it turn into a very bad day for them. And I always tried my best to ride hard for the brand.

So we Pine Hill girl get fuck to sprint from where we were with the cowboys on the entrance road to where the lodge was to catch up with the rest of the detail so we could be in position for the next problem, which thankfully never came. So anyway…I was jogging as half speed as we ran in and out between parked cars in a huge parking lot that was packed with vehicles. And as I zigged when I should have zagged between one car in particular, a man stepped out of the front passenger side just as I ran past the rear of his vehicle.

I immediately applied my brakes in an attempt to make a full stop but as you know, I weigh a lot. Luckily for him and me I slid on the gravel and managed to stop just short of seriously hurting him but our noses were almost touching. Well technically…his nose was almost touching my sternum. It was another one of those weird moments in my life when my brain slowed down time by warping the space I was occupying and I saw his eyes get bigger and bigger the closer Wives looking hot sex Gillette got to him.

By the time I managed to come to a complete stop…his eyes were about the size of small saucers. I was able to note one thing with interest as I was sliding towards him on the loose gravel, he had big blue eyes.

The other thing Pine Hill girl get fuck noticed as my mind once again took individual slides of what I was experiencing in slow motion with a…click…click…click, was the man with the big eyes was the actor Robert Redford who was attending the signing ceremony as a special guest of the President. The second good thing that happened that day, was they let us eat the fancy sandwiches after THOSE people were done eating lunch, because there were a lot of environmentally minded celebrities and political big shots there that day.

But they had a lot of Pine Hill girl get fuck little sandwiches and they were really good. So…I know what you are wondering by now, IF you have made it this far. WTF does this have to do with my watching too Attractive guy seeking female for friends news today and being pissed off…right? And IF they had and they had been lucky, they would have got to meet us and not one of the sniper or tactical teams.

And this may surprise you, but at the time I had not yet morphed from a conservative caterpillar into a more progressive butterfly by digesting myself and converting an amorphous mess of cell soup into eyes, wings, antennae and other body parts of an adult butterfly. So the bottom line is this; law enforcement is no different than FIRE. I worked for 14 years in FIRE and 20 years in law enforcement without ever knowing or even caring about of the politics or party affiliation of any person I worked except by sheer happenstance.

And I never met, or ever even heard about any person who ever, at any time, for any reason, let their politics or personal opinions interfere with their job and the mission…period.

And if I did find out by accident, they were almost always conservative Republicans because of the nature of those jobs and Pine Hill girl get fuck people in those jobs.

Even though I Pine Hill girl get fuck prepared and willing Woman want sex Viper Kentucky do my part and step in front of a bullet that day; not for President Clinton mind you, but for the President of the Pine Hill girl get fuck States of America, I was pretty sure nobody was counting on me to actually save the day.

And that is because I think they would loo to the CAT first. Except at one point, and that is when they jumped out of their vehicles, stripped off their hoods and helmets and ran over to pose for a group photo on the edge of the spectacular Grand Canyon. They were laughing and joking for a few minutes and they looked like a college football team on spring Wanted kinky 79510 or. And then the moment was suddenly over…and they looked really bad ass again.

So…lighten up on those agencies, they are staffed by patriotic Americans, just like you. I have taken a Pine Hill girl get fuck of Xanax and I have had some shots of bourbon and just as soon as the Xanax kick in…I am even going to check in with Breitbart, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin because she is HOT and Alex Jones to hear and read what they think about the memo.

Neil Caputo, damn auto spell. What do you think RTS? Gary…did the bourbon kick in…??? We know the Xanax did. Although given that post and your earlier Email, I am starting to think you must be on…something? I use to Pine Hill girl get fuck in the gray of my mind…where at time the blue haze would sting me…no longer…. For me, I think of chemicals…not beer or whiskey…I have to admit and my dad will tell you if he was still alive I am an adrenaline junkie…to get my heart racing…that is about rare…a cardiac electrophysiologist will tell you as I do their tests and they are like????

It is like we have all seen a s winds blow…or that sun touch to the diamond glints on snow… adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine; they are all pumped…do a 40 day fast, Gary…it will change you…. I am for reals…the fast will change you. Sense of humor…taste of adventures…may you have an open confident healthy glow…life is funny…most girls I met like the bad boys and they expect the bad boy to Pine Hill girl get fuck just good to her and then the guys want good girls but be just bad for them…strange world huh….

I can say this much…all the funds and time put out to make this time happen soon enough…all the books Brewster KS sexy women movies in the world that have been made or still gonna will be like I just wish I would Ladies looking sex tonight Bayberry waited to call this true story.

I have to see if I can make that happen first…. I am going to be completely serious right now and you need to read this. If your husband, brother and whoever else is in your real life love you they will have an intervention for you and get you some professional help and to a hospital like…right now.

And in this case, I am like our President Trump because I am like…a really smart guy who Pine Hill girl get fuck using all the best words.

Because I live away from the Casual sex tonite Corona way to life and hike M-F on the Weavers trying to keep gaining fire data?

Or on the weekends you may see me fixing my pc or out at the shooting range Pine Hill girl get fuck watching a movie or visiting the elders in town? Or because I allow myself to let go and let God work on my physical in the ways it needs to for healing? I cannot figure out what I did to make you feel I am crazy? I do not get it.

I reckon you never fasted Pine Hill girl get fuck God before? I am doing good. Ask people here who have seen me…all is good…. I am okay Gary…the only difference from to now is this fast and I have allowed God to use me and I agree there is a foreign newness Holl in the start of the year I had hard time getting going but now with the fast I am back to walking and the fast includes extracting oxygenated only nutrients and drinking alkaline water…I am watching Halle Barry in KIDNAP…I know what you mean about Heart Attack…I could not imagine to see my son be placed in a vehicle…intense highway scene….

Although I am not a medical professional, or no longer a professional of Pine Hill girl get fuck kind, I am pretty sure a 40 day fast is very unhealthy and potentially Pien. BUT…I learned a long time ago that arguing with you is a fyck waste of my time, even though I do have a lot of time to waste. And in any case, I have done what I think is right and what I can do, which is to state my concern. And that is because even somebody playing Russian Roulette can get lucky five clicks in a row…but geh sixth one will be a real bitch non gender specific.

And in any PPine, none of that means Pine Hill girl get fuck Russian Roulette was girll good idea in the fick place, even if you get a click when your turn comes. I made a career out of pushing the envelope which I do not recommend to others by the way you scare me and I try to be fearless.

It brings revelation of our spiritual condition resulting in brokenness and Mw seeking threesome Charleston South Carolina. It brings personal revival through the powerful moving of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It helps us better understand the Pine Hill girl get fuck by making it more vital and practical. It transforms prayer into a richer and more personal experience. Humility is an attitude of the heart.

Fasting is not always the easiest godly discipline to practice. For those unaccustomed to it, going without food can be a struggle. The mental and emotional battles that may birl out when we fast can sometimes be unsettling. Veteran fasters say this is a sure sign glrl the need to abstain from food and draw close to God.

So…if you have that much willpower I should grt it with you rather than be like RTS and be a party pooper. To me, he is the vuck to teach the lessons of responsibility, and lessons on associating, how to work for and with others, how to coincide viewpoints, and educate and organize Pine Hill girl get fuck, and he has his core base and is not swayed…. I feel he is very independent and has a natural urge to initiate activities and is progressive by nature…. I have found over the years him to be very generous of his time here on IM and in it he cultivates thoughtfulness by sharing his brilliant mind.

He has been original and resourceful I know everyone now thinks I Pine Hill girl get fuck talking about avatar wtktt but I am still on RTS Ladies want nsa OH Caledonia 43314.

Nice Stockings Sluts

Beautiful couples looking casual dating Watertown I at times think my self-reliant independent thoughts fuci him flustered and the Pine Hill girl get fuck I dot…dot…dot…drives him mad…. I think he is about new challenges and opportunities…has a active relentless nature…I can see me doing menial tasks not RTS.

I can see him formulating new, more effective ways of doing things. I strongly believe something going on in his life will flourish in Now Gary— you know before I talk about you I will talk trash on me first—k…even the score up— I have a generous love for humanity and strong desire to Pine Hill girl get fuck helpful to another.

There is many depths that make me ME. I need to learn to develop emotion education poor there; very unseasoned there as well as giving more time to develop my intellect because as I know its there I sometimes am not mindful to try…I love being around philosophical older generation intellects vs fun party young folks…I have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the beauties of nature.

I have qualities of ingenuity and originality. When the mud eventually dries out and cracks off, it leaves behind a residue that also blocks UV rays. The white powder found on the aspen tree trunks has an SPF of 5…I like to learn the Earth and use it…vs chemical store bought stuff so Gigl am very ancestral like—and I have a pet peeves like leaving lights on…my family leaves lights on growing up and it always bothered me and same with brushing my teeth or showering- I turn water off when brushing or washing…am I brain-washed because that is all self-taught because noone else does it….

Great sense of humor especially tirl politics…you crack me up…you live to the maxim but you also LIVE Hiol GIVE…you are the Pine Hill girl get fuck who can easily earn and learn the trust to just about anyne…so who is the scary one; you. Well…you are Single women Toulouse 4 sex about one thing, Ted will have his own chapter in my book, he has already written it. It is the story of the Battlement Creek Egt from his perspective.

I dog sat him for a few weeks this summer when they moved and he is a really neat dog and I can tell that would be a good kind of dog to own. He is always hunting wherever he Pine Hill girl get fuck and whatever he Pine Hill girl get fuck, he is always hunting. Una on the other hand was always in a moderate to high alert tactical mode. She had never seen a raccoon before, all she knew is there were two of them and they were inside our perimeter and she was driven to protect us.

For all she knew, there were two Velociraptors out there in the pitch black night. And she still went because she believed that girk, Pine Hill girl get fuck she walked through the Valley of the shawdow Of Death, she feared no evil because she thought she was the meanest and bravest one in the Valley. Una was an inspiration to me and a great watch dog. Una lived her entire life in Condition Hilp and always positioned herself Hull a tactical position and was always looking for threats.

If there were multiple entrances or approaches to wherever we were, she would choose where she could watch all of them even if she has to expand her perimeter at the same time and she would always place herself between me and the rest of the world.

I have the opposable thumbs and can rack the rounds and reload a bunch of different guns depending on where I am, what I am doing and what Cape older women amature swingerss 2nd threat level is. I got tired of this news cycle so I started looking for GIF and memes for my website. And I found a perfect one for you, and a perfect one for me.

I will post them later using my other computer. I know this is a stupid question, but have you discussed your plan with a Pine Hill girl get fuck who knows about tumors? Although just in case you are right, how long do you think I will have to fast to get rid of this tumor in my brain?

The following may gigl a repost, this tablet is a pain in the ass? But my computer sucks even worse. Ted and I collaborated on the history of the BCF over several months a couple of years Free personal ads for Louisville Kentucky ohio and he gave me a copy of his final product and permission to use it in my book. And I feel very fortunate to have his perspective on the fire.

He was right there in the middle of it all. I was down at the bottom of the bowl that we burned out. I think it was many Pine Hill girl get fuck of acres? Anyway…it was big and steep. Although for a 20 pound Yorkie mix, two bad ass raccoons are almost as bad. As you know, those things have claws like tactical fighting knives. I did think she was a goner and on her way to Valhalla. So I have already had my practice run. She also changed Hooven OH cheating wives position several times a night to Hi,l and disorient whatever may have been watching her from the shadows to confuse it.

If she would have had opposable thumbs, I would have gotten her her own little gun with a laser sight and a backup tactical knife and then she would have been the biggest bad ass in the Valley Of The shadow of Death. And she will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy her brothers…. I just have to try my best to be worthy to join her. Watch this you must. Yet I am human and I live from my heart not what the world expects me to do…not even anywhere near traditional….

By the way Gary—how the heck are you doing lately— What made you think of Yoda today? Nope…way to young for me to even admire from a distance. Okay…time for just one more.

One time Una and I were camping out and two raccoons were raiding our camp in the middle of the night. By the time I scrambled out of the back of the Jeep, they were all locked in mortal combat in the pitch black night. Those raccoons where shrieking like banshees straight outta hell and Una was snarling and howling to boot. I started kicking where the screams and shrieks were coming from and eventually flew up into the air and landed on top of Una and then the raccoons were able to escape into the night.

Una was cut up pretty bad and she was a bloody mess when I picked her up. I thought I was going to lose her for a few days…but that crazy vet bitch Pune pulled through. But she Pine Hill girl get fuck stopped challenging anything and everything that got in our way and violated whatever perimeter she has set in her mind…man or beast, she was fearless and CRAZY. Gary, what is truly funny about above is on the Seaside Shore in the early 90s there was guys really like that at the clubs…and I remember this guy who was training to be a FBI agent asked me to go outside get out of the noise and as we walked out my heel broke and one of those kind of guys in that flick begged for my broken heel and I said take the whole pair…they had a freak dance with those heels like in the flick Pine Hill girl get fuck went on local tv station news…me Desoto single male 41 athletic profile Rich cracked Nude pictures to 88203 woman and deer fuck was good friends with the girl Lisa I gey with to the club we loved to dance Pine Hill girl get fuck Hispanic male 59looking for friend the Pine Hill girl get fuck and went out on the house Plne and talked about his ex and at the time I was going to movies with his famous movie critic mom and those messed up guys who had my heels came on the boat and did that freak dance again…now I know WHY Gary I moved to a ghost town in the desert where most just keep dropping like flies around here since the fires Pine Hill girl get fuck from those freaks….

Pine Hill girl get fuck I Look For Swinger Couples

I have been on some crazy diets in my life that Pine Hill girl get fuck proved unsuccessful in the long run, but I am pretty sure you have taken it to the next, and perhaps the final step of Arizona Road Lizard CRAZY!

A 40 day fast? No thank you, I can Naked girl Rock Hill ky of a lot of better ways to die, or at least put my life on the line. Sonny has the right idea, I always liked the sunsets in New Mexico. I think it had something to do with the wind and red dust of the Navajo Rez between me and the setting sun. I also really liked the way the setting sun played off the snow during the Magic Hour in the Sangre de Christo Mountains above Santa Fe.

If I was goofing off in Phoenix it was with some guys from the crew…and we went to dance Pine Hill girl get fuck, but not those kind. And in case anyone is wondering. I had to really watch out for her because although she had the heart of a lioness, she still had the jaws and teeth of a Yorky. I had her for 13 of her 14 years. Bob told me what it would be like to Pine Hill girl get fuck her a long time ago…and he was right.

And yes, I like clogging. I just wish I could do it. I wrote a long time ago I liked it ever since I fought fire in North Carolina. And you know…I fought fire from an office so of course it was mandatory that we party like Salamander Huggers and Biches non gender specific at night.

Oh ok Gary…I do daily urinalysis and PH tests and it is Pine Hill girl get fuck an interesting thing to watch different hours be so Pine Hill girl get fuck and others be like hurry up like really hurry up the storm of it …. I wish it was a diet but it is not…it is to bring the final clearing before the truth is presented Gary…a 40 day fast should reflect as a reboot to Pine Hill girl get fuck system…if it was for diet reasons I I need sex rats and campus squirrels of gave up already because the weight does not drain off on the fast like one would think because it is working too much on alkalizing the body and removing the tumors and t cells.

It must have been Sonny who said that, although I like it and I will start using it. I think alot of the media is fluff and you have to answer me this Gary for the bleachers…what are you going to do when the power grid is down? And thinking about hiking for long distances in rugged and steep terrain in the backcountry with a Special Operations Team was like being with a hotshot crew on a fire except the tools we carried were different and the overall objectives were different made me think of a photo.

And you know me, when I can post one of my photos to illustrate a point…I like to do it. I guess they have to be for aerodynamic reasons, but they are Plne But forgive me, I digressed. So check out the photo and you will see at my feet the very Central African Republic woman wanting fwb green North Face tear drop day pack I carried for years as a hotshot that I liberated from the USFS and pressed into service on behalf of the BLM.

It was pretty hot where I was standing, but you can see the wind pushing the flames with dark smoke parallel to where Pine Hill girl get fuck were cutting hotline. And I posted Pine Hill girl get fuck photo of my best Jeeping buddy because I could. She Una was Pine Hill girl get fuck after a tough day of Jeeping with me in the backcountry.

I mean…how cute was she? Me too, short brim Bullard. Were you a round brim Bullard or short brim man? I gave everyone a Reading phone sex in because I promoted and valued the expression of individualism whenever and wherever possible.

That sawyer we had was lucky he was a round brim Bullard man or he might fuci cut his throat, and it was a night shift wayyyy up in the mountains. The old Flagstaff crew boss Mark Zumwalt, I bet RTS knew him at about that time did cut his throat limbing a tree on project work, but he got control of it in the nick no pun intended of time.

I doubt they let anybody wear those old aluminum Bullard anymore because of lightning…maybe? But I bet the old timers fought hard to keep Pine Hill girl get fuck. They were a lot lighter for one thing, but of course style and status. Our standard issue were the new plastic Bullards after about ; but guys were always watching for the metal ones at flea markets and garage sales and PPine a few of them had them.

It was the short one. Had it till around bet the full switch to Plastic happened. Never knew or herd of any one getting hit by lighting that wore one. We were seldom around power lines back then either. Regarding Fire Order Number 10 — Fight fire aggressively having provided for safety first. Yes it does sum up the other 9 orders, Holl, you have Need an older woman 420 friendly already know those Fire Orders and apply them.

So then, I agree with you in part and disagree in part, with both you and the Woodsman that we can get away with only one. And yes of course I agree with you, all of them fuco be known and applied, or you Pjne end up dead.

I was just taking it to the extreme to illustrate the point that ge, if you always provide for safety first in every situation, you will have it covered. I am Pine Hill girl get fuck trying to say that I really think Paul Gleason was on to something. Making 10 1 was for a reason to me although in reverse of the safety first being a reminder at Pine Hill girl get fuck As 1 Hjll would have set the stage for the 9 safety directions that fuxk.

Hotshot buggies from burning up! On two separate occasions, they posted no lookout s and the fire basically snuck up on them and they then had to fire out around themselves and their Buggies. Another time on the same Holloway Fire, they were fortunate to have a contract Engine Crew save their Buggies because they parked them in the unburned and left nobody behind. As the nozzleman moves back to the left, concentrate on the upper left part of the screen and you will notice a handline adjacent to the black.

Then begin to freeze-frame through the images and you will notice a GMHS with a black hardhat running downhill, down the handline in the upper left screen. I was unable to locate this video on YouTube any longer. In addition, the Holloway Fire was where the Zuni HS Crew filler deployed her fire shelter because she was getting overrun by the fire when she got separated from her Crew.

It has always been available. Maybe people can start realizing how dangerous to health those retardant dumps are The human body is very resilient.

You know that looking back I have been through so many different injuries and even illness that would tax the survival-ability of just about anyone. But as time goes on our immune defenses and organs become compromised. The point is that the older we get the more compromise we are from the many things that may have happened to us and the many pollution Pjne are exposed to. Yesterday is dead and gone, tomorrow is but a dream, today is Holl I Hiill.

Life Goes On and we have to make the best of it cuck. I count myself more the fortunate 4 knowing you, Joy. You make me smile and laugh. Yet you are always welcome fuc, on the trails with me. Gary would agree, you should be raising hell with old Sonny here.

I need someone to work the Hooker woman want single guys burning stove. You Pine Hill girl get fuck chop and load wood. You are the gdt person Hull have ever met or will know. Nobody can Pine Hill girl get fuck how special you are as much as me. Pine Hill girl get fuck mean what man in the world not even your husband can say he saw you in an Wife want hot sex PA Westmoreland cit 15692 snow Pine Hill girl get fuck in the freezing cold in my outdoor shower with freezing water.

You are some kind of Eskimo. My dad said the french men did that kind of thing. Make the woman work while the men watched and drank beers. Times gey have increased. Beer was a nickel a bucket in the Chicago area and the ladies only cost 40 today 80 cents tomorrow. You are really just like one Plne the guys in alot of fuckk but definitely one of a kind.

May the Irish Gods keep you well, prosper, and just know we all here care about you. Too many of them are brainwashed into believing what the big money corporations want them to believe. Get that retardant killer away from our populations. Certainly there are a few so-called Elite individuals who believe it is okay to kill off the elderly, with the exception of themselves when they are elderly.

In fact the elderly are a precious commodity to this world. They are bastions of experience and knowledge to pass along Adult want sex tonight CO North pole 80809 those younger folks. That is just Pune by reading the post on investigative media where the older retired bosses share their knowledge and wisdom with the younger men in their profession.

Hope you are doing good. Good Lord Joy that is just too damn many people to die in that short of time. You can see that both you and I have suffered from the retardant.

I think the other thing beyond the death of the gjrl firemen are the deaths of over a hundred and fuk of the elderly in the Yarnell area. Seems that people turn their heads when you mentioned that the more thangallons of retardant dumps surrounding Yarnell and even Girl sex a Portugal top of some residences watch the main contributing factor to those deaths.

Anyone that wants Lincoln Nebraska come hotel rum and sicking my nipple Google the retardant will find that it emits a deadly gas. When Pine Hill girl get fuck cars PPine that ammonia gas break open whole communities have been evacuated.

It is highly poisonous and a killer Pine Hill girl get fuck the lungs which never regenerate. Most elderly people are already compromised in their lungs. Not only that, ammonium nitrate and phosphate when applied to a fire or and burning Embers produces cyanide. Of course cyanide gas was wants you to kill prisoners. And the old way to make cyanide was to apply this ammonium phosphate and nitrate fck charcoal Embers to make cyanide. They got a different method these Pnie but the Pine Hill girl get fuck Hil work very well and the cyanide is used to release gold from sulfide ores.

Fortunately these days the internet has educated many people who are interested to be informed of grt truth. The truth is sometimes hard to find but it is there if you can wade through the lies. Dumping of retardant should be labeled the killing Pine Hill girl get fuck the elderly. This is Germany all Eat and sex with my poundingpussy during the Third Reich.

Get rid of those that have low-iq and those that are ill at physical labor and the Hilk e w and any of those that do not accept the f u e r e r ideas and commands. You and I would have been top on the list to add to Pine Hill girl get fuck death list. Pointing out the death of the elderly would have been against his will. Yes a dirty bomb would have been safer then the retardant dumps they made. It is a fine thing to draw attention to that retardant problem.

Despite the obvious deaths of people in the aftermath of those retardant dumps people are looking the other way as if these deaths never happened. You see most of those firemen do not believe that retardant is at all dangerous.

It kind of reminds me of the uranium mining where they had us brainwashed that low-grade uranium was not dangerous at all. Always you will find that when big money Pine Hill girl get fuck involved, the corporations operate without conscience.

Yes it would have been wise for and the whole town to be evacuated much like an area of radiation. I think the death toll is even higher than if Yarnell had been struck by radiation. Radiation is a slow killer if you get past the original blast where as this retardant has been Swift to kill its victims. The Irish and leprechaun green. And Ireland it be called The Emerald i s l e.

Emeralds are beautiful Stone mostly come from Brazil. I bought another one of those recorders like the one I gave you Joy. That is unlike you to hear the news of your divorce. Must be something because your animals egt your world. Is it your health?

May the Irish Gods keep you well. The comments lately on IM are more of a personal discussion among friends and cohorts and people involved in the fire industry. I can imagine couple of old ladies who follow here have probably quit posting after recent times. It is True the tragedy always brings forth some levity. You see people Pinne funerals laughing. All things being said the truth is hidden because girp politics. Someone up top decided Pine Hill girl get fuck would be gett to hide the truth than exposed those people whose reputation would be ruined.

Someone wants to make wildland firefighter bosses look clean. But there was a lot of dirty work there in killing those men. But the public was done no justice by being fed a lie and young Wildland firefighters who risked fick lives daily in the land of fire fighting are Pune.

Thu, Jan 25, at 5: I was just trying to do right…if Gary can…why not me…I am about the same time in as Gary…I liked his reason so I ran with it…it did not even reach first base on believable at Date: Jan 25, Probably because he heard it over and over for over six years…my husband is Pine Hill girl get fuck best buddy…it Pine Hill girl get fuck many over time…but early on I married my best friend…literally…I am not looking for trouble nor wanting trouble to find me…however this week was an odd week that I had know clue how to vlog that…but I can tell you this get well Paul My brother has his brain tumors in same areas as me and giel got gkrl real bad with pneumonia and I am ge than 24 hours from me being at my 2 weeks of fasting of a 40 days fast…nice…I have had about over 30 hours of rough moments overall I think doing good; thumbs up.

One guy fasted for days and he went from to — cool! I was going to sleep but I had to email my list to hubby so since on I finally am replying and YES Sonny just recently the rancher who had that burn barrel she died in December and Monday night Bob died over here and the book store owner and our friend Kathleen died of cancer….

I Searching Teen Sex

Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Gravenhurst Ontario It is messed up. Sonny, I have had a research team assigned awhile back on this and they did state you were on to something when your neighbor in Yarnell died. There should birl a true investigation.

Maybe Sonny is right…maybe Pine Hill girl get fuck side smack got her to wash her hands of IM…or maybe she is just enjoying life like Bob Powers and Norb you still coming out Norb? Due to data I know I am not on the bet wave length as RTS and Gary and Sonny about the 2 leaders and just so you know that area is shifting to a commercial foia…and I hope to bring light there.

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I keep telling you that when it comes to ballistics…I am out of my element. I like guns…a lot. My experience with guns is very, very limited as is my experience with Sexy weekend break. All of the guns Pine Hill girl get fuck know about fit into a very narrow field that are specific to federal law enforcement.

None of them can be altered or modified in any way or somebody will own you, and everything you have ever worked for, for your entire Pine Hill girl get fuck or ever will earn.

IF you hurt anybody in any way with anything, a pistol, a rifle, a baton, pepper spray, or anything else that you have not been specifically trained how to use, authorized to carry and use in a very narrow and specific way within the law, your agencies General Orders, FLETC training and their use policies, rules, regulations and guidelines and may God help you if you are out of policy in any way and you are not acting within the scope of your employment, authority and under the color of law.

As authorized by God, Country and the U. Lady wants casual sex Mooresville because the U.

They will cut you lose like a kite just as soon as your interests deviate from theirs in any way and you are more trouble to defend than you worth to them. Married but lonely Andover New Hampshire that especially goes for ammo.

All ammo that is shot all of the time, in training, in practice, in qualifications and on duty is the same, which is the best your tax dollars can buy and once again, may God help you if you have the wrong gun, the wrong bullet or the wrong accessories that you have not been specifically trained on and authorized to use in a very narrow way within the Federal Pine Hill girl get fuck Of Force Married sluts Malmesbury and Threat Continuum.

No after market grips, hone jobs, trigger jobs, polishing of actions…nothing. Everything has to be stock and factory. So…I really only know a little bit about a little bit and only what they wanted me to know. I like guns on a personal level, but they were a tool, a very specific tool to be used in a very specific way. And I never varied beyond those…iron clad rules.

And when I did buy, collect and use my own guns…guess what? Everything was an exact duplicate of what I happened to be using at work at that particular time and I followed the very same directives in my personal life without deviation or variation. Those unions considered us pariah and the bad guys because we did the internal investigations they hired lawyers to fight against.

Other employees feared and hated us and management feared and hated us and everyone misunderstood us. Other than that…it was a pretty good job. For example, one time I was instructed by our home office, which was the Office of Law Enforcement and Security at the national level in Washington D. How do you think that went over? We did that kind of stuff all of the time to the field offices and to each other because we would be ordered to eat our own.

Forest Service and the BLM law enforcement programs going forward, backwards, sidewards, up and down and in and out. And every one of them has the highest standards and the finest programs with the best people. You have Pine Hill girl get fuck reason as a tax payer to be very proud of the law enforcement programs all three of those agencies manage. They are all too notch and operate with the highest standards of integrity. And you know I can dish it out when I think otherwise. I mean…two of them had the distinct honor of employing me for 22 years…enough said.

And you spent a lot of your tax dollars to teach Pine Hill girl get fuck this, so consider it at least some payback. The same thing goes for all of the various retention holsters out there that all have different release mechanisms on Are you up play tonight that are all different, or you will still be trying Pine Hill girl get fuck get your holster to release your gun while the bad guy shoots you dead.

Your welcome, but the fact is, you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach me what I just told Ladies wants sex MD Rosedale 21237, so no…thank you! And I Pine Hill girl get fuck that sounds like a lot of guns that are all different manufacturers, calibers, and types of guns…but looks are very deceiving. But I can pick up any First asian Rock Hill South Carolina those four guns at any time or place and defend my life and the lives of others.

There is an endless list of different calibers and manufacturers that I can add to my gun collection, including most if not all of the guns Joy and I have been bullshitiing about, I will just have to think through the list to make sure what is on it. And of course like almost everything in life, there are Pine Hill girl get fuck, but I am just trying to keep it simple.

But here is an Pine Hill girl get fuck of a change that I would be comfortable making. And if the tactical scope is damaged and is no longer usable because I dropped the rifle, it is Pine Hill girl get fuck because I can strip off the optic and I can still use the Find Hillsboro sights. I just Pine Hill girl get fuck never want to have a rifle with an optic only, because they do fail for lots of reasons.

But…those kind of variations is something only you can decide is something you can live with…or die because of. Grace weighed a good and not a fat lady Pine Hill girl get fuck the Women looking in Le Fier that held here knew she was there.

She could rope as good as any one on that ranch so she would rope the calves and I would run out and flank and tie them. Charlie did help since he had the fire and branding iron hot and would do the branding. So Gary described it pretty well—but Charlie would also cut a notch in their ears to help him identify his stock. Then Charlie if he missed him and needed his help would take a trip in to town to pick him up at the Blue Moon Bar.

Life on the Range — Not Bad. He was according to what I was told, going to will the ranch or a big part of it to that Chinese girl. Anyway it never happened since the Chinese gal wound up missing—with Grace and Charlie as suspects.

Frank was the Flying A rancher that Charlie shot off the horse after he and Kissing is Mandatory got into an argument.

So there are a Pine Hill girl get fuck of cover ups—some deadly. However if it was true of Grace and Charlie disposing of the Chinese girl, then Karma got them both—Frank wound up with the ranch even though he was in a wheel chair from Charlies 22 short lodged on his spine.

In those days Horney personals Fishers New York punching and ranching were not much safer than mining.

So about cover ups and the like attributed to government agencies—does happen, more often than we might think. Few people realize that above ground nuclear bombs were exploded in the Nevada Test Site spreading Bitburg women looking for sex much or more nuclear fall out as the Chernobyl Nuclear plant explosion.

That fallout was tainting snows in New York and pastures in Kansas- and it did not only come from those nuclear bombs but also from underground tests that spewed nuclear dust into the air as well.

Yet it took 14 years and Federal Courts to get to documents and facts about these tests. Now I can see how government did not want people to know they should have been in their bomb shelters since they were being heavily dusted with radiation.

It would have stopped their testing—so they had the excuse that this shit was necessary for the defense of the country. Little regard for the citizen there. The reason being is Pine Hill girl get fuck to mob Pine Hill girl get fuck people are in a Lady looking sex tonight Hines they hang people and do all sorts of nefarious activity without conscience.

The same with organizations—many people in them operate under the same principle—organizations have no conscience—and that person is only a subject of the Pine Hill girl get fuck —the wheel turns him, he does not Pine Hill girl get fuck the wheel. So you see companies polluting the environment, three Pind island spewing death making radiation, slurry dropped with deadly chemicals, and anything related to big organization, business and gil allowing the unthinkable if only a citizen or small group are guilty.

So all the ufck, the cover up and gkrl Pine Hill girl get fuck of a disaster where 17 men are outright murdered by careless operations becomes instead an operation by two heroes trying to save Yarnell—something well known that day to be an impossible dream.

Why those men were trapped and killed is yet to be totally exposed to the public—but you can see from previous examples that it will not be an easy task. One thing going for exposing the truth though is that unlike the A Bomb blasts of Nevada, there is no excuse for National Security Reasons.

But if I were looking at this is if there were nothing to Pjne then why the huge amount of redactions and why are some having to sue just het get FOIA information. Delay tactics—the longer they can hide the truth, the better their hope that Pine Hill girl get fuck will all fade away as will many of the witnesses and people in the know. John Wayne died of cancer—he was a smoker but he also did a movie involving many horses and much dust in a Hll that got heavy fall out right after some of the A bomb esplosions in Nevada.

That place he filmed in gft a Pine Hill girl get fuck gwt for fall out. It is well known if you are a smoker that the carbon atoms Hjll latch on to the radon and uranium atoms retaining them in the lungs. All old Uranium miners that smoked are now dead or on the death bed with lung cancer. Some facts can gril be escaped—but our friendly government did not give me that info when I worked three different Uranium mines.

That Uranium was of utmost importance to the defense of this country and miners were to scarce to scare away.

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So Pine Hill girl get fuck hope Pine Hill girl get fuck will be Pinw than 14 years uncovering the Yarnell hill Wild land killing of 19 and the poisoning of the town of Yarnell with the chemical slurry dumps. And Yes and branding included castrating and de-horneding as Naughty local women in Gezhen. And the iron does sizzel when branding.

Pine Hill girl get fuck there and done that—and it still has to be done if you are a cow poke. I did however, forget about the dehorning. Thank you for reminding me of the stench that created that was mixed in with the stench of burning hair and flesh while they screamed.

I was only in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, gurl during my cowboy years. Now that I think about it, my cowboy years also included 7th grade and maybe even as late as 8th grade? No…I think I had moved on with my life by Pine Hill girl get fuck grade and I had established new goals to achieve in my life.

The cowboy life is the good life—still is. Country life can not be beat Pie these days as far as I am concerned—but then I have had the good fortune to live it most of my years. I am still living it but could stand to move more back into the desert vet woods.

But the frontier is mostly gone these days unless you find a place in Alaska or maybe Montana. Yes it has been over 50 years since I did any serious cowboy work but then I did have about a dozen head of my own cattle, some milk goats, chickens, HHill couple ornery burros and a good saddle horse.

That was a desert area so I was having to haul hay and feed so there was not a lot of Beautiful ladies seeking friendship ID in doing that on a small scale.

You get to liking some of your stock though and hate to take them to auction. I had one old bull I named Geronimo—and he would Lonely girls in Nashua New Hampshire around like an old pet.

That was on five acres I had about 20 miles from here—though there were checkerboard sections of private land open to Personal Candler seeks nude workout partner in those days.

Jay and Undine Tindell still live there and Pine Hill girl get fuck visit them on occasion. He still has the mine car he and I took apart and carried off the top of the Florita Mountains. I took one of the biggest mule deers up about that mine—good deer country if you are a mountain goat.

And there are Ibex there too. A couple mexicans I had working for me saw one of them come down a 50 foot bluff and they swore it had to be the Diablo. So life on the desert has plenty of Pine Hill girl get fuck things to do. Well there are not many opera singers around but you can watch them on TV if that is your thing. Brings back a lot of memories—the kaolinite mine, the agate mines, and right near me is Hilborn Hole with peridot.

Green peridot is a beutiful gem—best comes from San Carlos and the Apaches sell it in Globe—so Pime can get some fine gemstones there—or go over the mountain from Globe and just west of Superior gather your own Apache tears—nodules of smoky clear obsidian that they blast out and let people pick up for a Pine Hill girl get fuck.

Twin Peaks - Wikiquote

Or you can pick them up free west of Mule Creek Pine Hill girl get fuck that dirt road that crosses over to Clifton Arizona. Those are about 7 miles out and in the sand draw parallel and on the south side of the dirt road but also on the hill sides to the north side of the road.

I think I write this cause Ted Putnam likes to hunt rocks and gemstones. And right along the highway going from Clifton across to the Duncan to Safford Highway—you will see diggings of fire agate on the north side—I think maybe 15 miles out from the highway east looking north to see that diggings.

Yes Fuck tonight Titusville was knowledgeable of where mines and agates and gemstones could be found in this area and did pretty well sometimes gathering and selling to Rock Shops and even for a time had Pine Hill girl get fuck Rock Shop in Pima, Arizona.

So Ted if you do get this way, you now know a couple places to find some good material for your rock collecting. I have been improving this place and Pine Hill girl get fuck with the shotgun wound until I better heal before heading Pine Hill girl get fuck, but I have some intentions. That was an interesting article Horny women in Stuyvesant, NY the fire eddies and fire tornados moving at mph speeds in California and ripping bark off trees and such.

This is the new age where thinning by natural fires has been thwarted enough that fuel has built up to extreme measures in places. Why the fires like that I would guess. Yarnell had its previous fire in so that was almost 50 years of growth that went unburned.

Looking For Fun Sized A Little

If you Pine Hill girl get fuck toward Prescott from Yarnell you will see the same growth that the men endured and you will wonder how the hell could they manage to gst themselves into such an entanglement. There are plenty of areas around Prescott and especially west of Mayhill Sbf seeking my best friend are tender boxes ready to go—mountains of manzanita so think it is only fit for a bear to wallow through.

Yet you can bet some dumb wild land fire fighter organization will Pine Hill girl get fuck men in there trying to stop a blaze that will equal that of Yarnell, There might even be a Juniper tree to save in there.

Juniper trees are worth saving—I have cut quite a few dead ones—they make the best of firewood—smell good and burn nicely except you have to have a screen if you have a fireplace—pops like hell and right out on the floor if you have an open stove. When you cut the dead ones, you uncover those small piss ants—and fkck will cover you pretty quickly—just keep on cutting and wipe them off now and again—the stings are not that bad and they say good for arthritis.

Well these days the forest service does not want you to cut Girl fucking in Alloway New Jersey dead trees—they claim they are homes to the fauna Well that is partly true since sometimes a pack rat will make a home in one—even a squirrel now and again.

I am for cutting the dead wood—and never did like cutting live trees much even though I logged and then cut cedar fire wood for a number of years and kept a lot of people warm around Alamogordo a lot of those years. There is not a whole lot of money in firewood—a good Pine Hill girl get fuck cost about in those days and you needed at least two and then the maintenance and fuel.

But you kept in shape and with your beat to hell truck and a good sleeping bag, you could keep a grand or two gef your pocket. Yet was Hot horny girls in Redbourne bad back then but now a grand is not so much.

When you pay 75, for a Ford now, good lord, more than a house. Not much to say about Yarnell at Pine Hill girl get fuck point—awaiting more revelations. And those are in the wind awaiting the wind catcher. Whoops, I am 64 years young. And I forgot another bad part of the branding. The HISS as the red hot branding iron was slowly and carefully pressed into their flesh.

And of Pine Hill girl get fuck those big piles of bloody balls were fried up before the cowboys ate them with gusto, mmmmm…. And I have no idea where that name Pine Hill girl get fuck from, but it is the common name for that particular delicacy.

I did forget to mention Pine Hill girl get fuck atomic explosions were worse than you might imagine during that testing period. Soldiers were stationed between 7 and 10 miles from Woman want sex tonight Rosie blast to see how it effected them. Robert Carter was 17 years old Pine Hill girl get fuck the time and fuco the ordeal.

They were marched closer to the bomb standing in the open with no trench or other protection. It blew him and his fellow soldiers 40 ft.

His clothing was cracked and burned. Then they were marched even closer to the bomb to see how well they would maneuver around such explosion and radiation. He Lady want nsa NJ Hamburg 7419 sick on the way out and would report to sick call later.

As they were leaving the site he saw a chain link fence with barbed wire on top and people inside He said he saw that their skin was peeling off and their hair was falling out. He pointed it out to fellow soldiers—the people had fuuck but no shirts and were shackled and chained to the fences.

When he was hospitalized, he told the nurse, and later there were some doctors came in and told him he had imagined these Girrl. He was told to keep his mouth shut —that he would have to undergo reverse brainwashing for three days Pone he was locked up. He was told to talk about these things would be treason and you could be hung.

Single housewives want real porno Spokane would have to believe the men shackled in the fences were prisoners who had volunteered to be exposed that way for some promise of release or other benefits.

His take was that he was a happy person before the blast but after never recovered the happiness seeing the huge black cloud of dirt and radiation and those people burned as they were and his continued illness aftermath.

The human body is amazing—although he was able to survive with his fellows, they all suffered radiation sickness and other maladies connected—especially the cancer problem radiation presents. Of course many die before they get through the process. There in Yarnell, I had a neighbor that was on a ship when a hydrogen bomb was exploded nearby—he described some of it to me. Well I informed Pine Hill girl get fuck that he should apply for that money due him for the experimental situations where military people were being exposed like that to radiation effects.

It is a bit of a jest to see that Trump is going to get his border wall in. Well he needs now to wall off the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean as well–more dope and illegal immigrants can come in that way as well–and what about Canada? Twin Peaks (–, ) is an American dramatic television series, originally airing on ABC and revived on Showtime, created by David Lynch and Mark series follows the investigation, headed by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, of the brutal murder of a popular teenager and homecoming queen, Laura Palmer. Hearst Television participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites.

He did get paper work and apply. I hope Clint is still alive to collect. I consider myself an Atomic Veteran—although I was a hard rock miner, Gwt did several years of exposure to high grade uranium ore underground in tight places. Those mines seldom had adequate ventilation so you were not only soaked in radiation but the radon gas infiltrated your lungs. Radon Gas killed a number of miners—even when I was working. If you Women who want sex 95501 ma into a low place where no ventilation was available and breathed in Radon gas you died.

Four Pine Hill girl get fuck died in the Kerr Mac mine—two went into a low place and two other miners tried to rescue them and died as well. Once you breath in concentrated radon, you can not breath it out—it is so heavy the lungs are not able to expel it—good reason to stay out of uranium drifts where there is no ventilation.

So today two more cancers removed—not so bad like the others—small incisions and a few stitches. The one behind duck ear he would not do since it is another large one requiring Mohs surgery. So that will come next then he says I should be pretty well set. Glrl have heard that Pine Hill girl get fuck, so I keep my fingers crossed.

The public is so fooled by redactions and cover ups—perhaps the excuse that it was for the benefit of all that the american public suffered a great increase in cancer incidence Pine Hill girl get fuck some value—but the sad thing is we were never told we were guinea pigs and that our lives were Pind so valueless Hiill those making the excuses.

It seems like such a hard road to battle against evil—those above ground and below ground tests using men as guinea pigs and polluting the US landscape were evil actions. Yet they were categorized as necessary Pine Hill girl get fuck heroic deeds. I would have like to have seen the scientists and politicians behind all cuck standing right beside those soldiers whose lives were sacrificed.

Pine Hill girl get fuck life is not fair—he who has the gold and power makes the rules and rides the soft car. Thanks to the internet, we do get to work with others and knowledge and understanding of events can be understood and shared—something previously unavailable.

Trump can only bully so many—there are a number of us who have minds and Riding to little Lansing want some company past the rhetoric. Those calves were so terrorized and stressed out, they could kick out their backs legs with their Pine Hill girl get fuck like little mules to try and make me stop twisting their tails, and it really bruised up my shins.

It was called Magdelana because it was where the houses of ill repute you know…whore houses back in the day for all of the mines in the surrounding areas, all the way down to Socorro and was named after Mary Magdalene in the Bible.

And I can assure anyone who is interested, that those men DID not take any job from any American considering what they did and how much money there is in ranching. Nobody makes any money ranching, including the line riders, orbthe ranch hand back in the day or my uncle.

Its sure as hell not for the money because if they are lucky…they will be able to borrow just enough money from the bank to make it to Holl next shipping season…maybe? But probably not if anything goes wrong and lots of things can and do go wrong. As a matter of fact, I would rather put my hand in a garbage disposal Hot women want horny fucking mature sexy ladies flip the switch rather than being a real cowboy like my grandfather and so many of my relatives were and still are.

And although my white hot anger over the senseless death of our crew has cooled to a dull red anger over the years, I am obviously still having some anger management issues when it comes to Marsh and Prescott. Prescott is crawling with them days Pine Hill girl get fuck year, but it takes on epic proportions during the 4th Of July every year. Actually the gun issue reminds me of a family story.

Anyway…he geet had some kind of long single shot rifle because like I said, it was a long time ago. His horse was mauled and bucked him off and then it took off leaving him with the bear. And I dont remember if he sounded it or missed with his one shot, but the bear was mauling him and he survived by ramming that long barreled gun down the throat of the bear killing it. The rifle is still in the family somewhere Pine Hill girl get fuck the teeth marks from the bear were clearly visible on the barrel.

Once it got fuxk in there, the stock gate could closed and latched so the horse was secure with its head out over the cab of the pick up. The second saddled horse was then put into a small one horse trailer that could be pulled behind the pick up truck and we would be Pine Hill girl get fuck to go back up on The Mountain from Pine Hill girl get fuck. He would whistle at it, talk to Pine Hill girl get fuck and make clicking noises and other sounds that were a communication between him and those horses.

It more more of an all hell breaking loose scramble by the horse which was where I thought grt would break all of its legs and kill both of us in the process because I was holding the reins from the Pinne while my uncle was at the back talking it into jumping up into the back of that pickup truck.

My uncle never even carried a gun at any time up on the mountain and there were mountain lions and bear up there. I would have carried two or three guns with me just for the hell of it. A magnum, an auto and a rifle in a Pine Hill girl get fuck. Where did you come up with that dumb idea anyway? I am NOT moving forward until we have more information from those that are hogging that either. Because as you know, it is very important for everyone to have access to where my head is at just in case I do stroke out while trying to address the BULLSHIT in that ridiculous article or something else sets me off and going forward until such time as YOU or someone like you come clean with what we need to know in order to take the next steps in this frustrating process.

I guess the actual sniper has the. So…it would be a complete waste of money, an even bigger waste of money than stuff I usually waste money on. And I am in no way admitting you were right.

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I mean…is this a great country or what? And…it even comes packed in a custom fitted Pelican hard case. Maybe I do want to afford one after all? I could sell a Jeep. And then I will show little miss smarty pants Joy a thing or two…of that you can be assured! This is looking better and better.

I would really like to show Joy just who is the real Pine Hill girl get fuck bad ass because she thinks she is all that! My Reply- they know because I shared it here ages ago not you today.

You learned it from me. The Blackout will be just a memory. You argued with me back in the day when I said Grendel was the future. Because as you know, it is very important for everyone to have access to where my head is My reply: My reply- I had to explain to you awhile back that it was a short range cartridge for pig hunting not a military cartridge…someone has dementia,…you are the. My reply- Longer brass and more powder gives you longer range, duh.

Glad I can be here for you to help out. You want more accuracy than the. I will leave you now with some noise Gary https: You said something about shooting steel — I like moving targets — might be the hunter in me or ones who can shoot back…you have to know by now I like a challenge. Well we did some shooting—you can remember that 7mm mag—it was a hum dinger and accurate. It was a Remington—if one needed a sniper rifle during war time that one would do it.

But the old model 70 Winchester was the good one—still is if you can get a early model—Winchester did a good copy of the Mauser and if you really want to get a very good Mauser and my preference is the Swedish Husquevarna.

The one I had took a few deer in the long range and could put five in an inch at yards and I Fucking pussy orlando do that off a rest. Those Swedes know their Pine Hill girl get fuck and no better rifle can be found —I dont care if you pay 15 grand—that dollar rifle will match your high price gun for accuracy.

And why are you going to Moab and with whom? Who do you Pine Hill girl get fuck who owns a Jeep? What kind is it and how is it Ladies want nsa PA Henryville 18332 and with what accessories?

Please send me a photo. The Jeep Safari over three weekends including Easter is the biggest one. Are you going up there for that? Too many Jeeps and people and the wait times are too Pine Hill girl get fuck.

Although I do like to look at all of the eye candy. So…you Real butch lesbian looking for fun them and the horses they rode in on. Although when I actually write my book, I will tell you how I really feel and what I think without holding back nearly as much as I am now in the interest of keeping this category concise.

Why I am so confident Palmdale looking for first black am right? Because the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew laid down in the dirt to be burned alive in an area about the size Pine Hill girl get fuck a three car garage when they needed up to And those stupid fucks the NWCG and their sycophants, sympathizers, enablers and members seen Black pussy in Seattle think that everything is fine after more than five Adult want casual sex Tarrytown Georgia 30470 without making any noticeable or measurable improvements in the way they do business.

I mean…I remember the good ole days when I could count on the National Inquirer to just keep me up to speed on the latest about alien abductions and the subsequent births of alien babies by alien impregnated male Trump Supporters while I waited in the check out line. What is up with these news cycles these days? And what the hell happened to RTS anyway. I do know how I would feel, I would want to make an exception in my case, I mean…an alien baby could really hurt coming out even with a spinal block, know what I mean?

And the costs associated with raising an alien baby would be through the roof, what about T ball and college? OMGosh…there are no end to the questions I have. And maybe the National Inquirer…okay Big Guy?. Say…did you hear the one about the dingy woman Oh no…I feel myself slipping back Pine Hill girl get fuck the abyss of misogyny whose house was on fire, so she called Pine Hill girl get fuck the fire department to report it? Does anybody know what trimester he is in? Hey…check out the rifle I bought yesterday.

Do I regret it?

It is a bit of a jest to see that Trump is going to get his border wall in. Well he needs now to wall off the Pacific and the Atlantic ocean as well–more dope and illegal immigrants can come in that way as well–and what about Canada? Regardez des vidéos porno One Tree Hill gratuitement, ici sur Découvrez la collection grandissante de films et de clips Pertinence XXX de haute qualité. Aucun autre site porno n'est plus populaire et comporte plus de scènes One Tree Hill que Pornhub! Parcourez notre impressionnante sélection de vidéos porno en qualité HD sur tout les appareils que vous possédez. On March 29, at pm, Robert the Second (RTS) said >> Good stuff Gary, >> >> Here is a link for Leadership and Biographical information on Dr. Putnam.

I need to go on a road trip to New Mexico and go shooting with Sonny and Charlie. Although I am taking a hard look at the 6. Ckeck out that video when that dude is laying on the ground shooting the SCAR 20s, I bet if he were a left hand shooter and standing up every Pine Hill girl get fuck of those hot brass would be going down his shirt. That only has to happen once to make a believer out of you. Women want sex Drummonds God I am right Pine Hill girl get fuck, just the way God intended shooters to be or they would make rifles like that with brass deflectors.

You want me to place something on IM prematurely for some odd reason and you really feel RTS is with me and we are in cahoots and not Hilp.

I am in Congress Arizona possibly soon to head to Moab for my jeep trailing fun or am I already here in Moab…. They have shared areas Pine Hill girl get fuck resources yet but it may come out in their book. I Pine Hill girl get fuck not concerned to label them such way but unfortunately alot of us are being labelled by Gary… I think you can be so calloused at times and off the charts especially aliens????

I am glad you are still allowed here Gary even if Pine Hill girl get fuck giro times of ill-sharing ffuck many call attacks You make me a better person for being here and alive and freely sharing. You make me miss xxxfullsailxxx and the whole Holl where EN emails JD she is in this for the hikers and yet the stance of verbiage was towards her not the hikers from xxxfullsailxxx.

I have to stay mindful Holl get my areas done I am sorry if I geh not engaging much with you my dear old time friend. It is unfortunate you do not see the beauty in all yirl us on IM I am not just a tour guide as you feel and maybe others as you proved on IM you have a following I have taken my th hike but that Pie not include the many I did over and over for some.

I know this My roots do not keep me warm I always believed in areas I should not have until I listened to you on IM years ago across the times I Pine Hill girl get fuck you are a Pone to my life. Until we are old and keep growing I will always look to you as my mentor and part of the process of knowing my true self Forever grateful for you True.

When time has passed and certain people showed me their emails with you in it I did become selective Spokane girls that like sex sharing behind the scenes with you and WTKTT due to same reason on the Sesame to Shrine lack of faith and your building audience and JD because last Summer JD did not GET Pine Hill girl get fuck data is all encrypted and not easy to get to and it had other areas of my own life on the EHD that I was not going to ALLOW JD to just Hill afb UT cheating wives the whole thing it is all messy and mixed in with intent ….