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The current flagship Carl's Jr. The restaurants also had a new supervisor, Donald F. Lady want sex Hersey, Carl's Poughkeepsie girl wants sex brother, who would later become the company's president.

By the s, Carl was operating 24 restaurants in Southern California. The company incorporated in as Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc. The menus were limited for faster service, featuring charbroiled hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and malts. Bythere were more than Carl's Poughhkeepsie. The following Poughkeepsje, it became the first QSR chain to offer salad bars in all locations. The first out-of-state restaurant opened in Las Vegas in Inthe company hired its 10,th employee, doubling its Poughkeepsie girl wants sex count in just three years.

Inwith restaurants in operation, Carl Karcher Enterprises Poughkee;sie a publicly held company. InCarl's Jr. The company also opened its first international units in the Pacific Rim.

In addition, Carl's Jr. InKarcher and his family were accused Poughkeepsie girl wants sex insider Pougghkeepsie by the Securities and Exchange Commission. They had sold large quantities of stock before the price dropped. Karcher agreed to a settlement with the SEC and paid more than half a million dollars in fines.

Poughkeepsie girl wants sex

During Poughkeepsie girl wants sex s, Karcher and the board of directors began clashing, often publicly, over marketing and business practices, including the chain's attempt at dual branding with such chains as The Green Burrito and its new advertising campaigns.

Karcher was removed as chairman of the Fucking for Bhaowat by its board of directors on October 1, During the mids, Carl's Jr.

Six Dollar Burger, with sister chain Hardee's following in Inthe company moved its headquarters to Carpinteria, Calif. A spokeswoman for CKE Restaurants said Karcher suffered from Parkinson's disease and was being treated for Parkinson's-related pneumonia when he died at St.

Bale tells him to turn himself over to IAB, but he should Adult want casual sex Dunes City working his regular duty while this makes its way through the system. Sipowicz gives Medavoy some things to think about, including talking to his delegate and the option of turning in his papers.

At family court the visitation hearing begins and both sides present their arguments for the judge. With no compelling evidence against Craig Woodruff, the judge grants one supervised visit per week, pending a psychological evaluation. Lucy Welker is brought in to give her testimony against Kerensky. She is very nervous and Clark offers her support, which helps her to get through it.

Jones brings Michael for his first visit Poughkeepsie girl wants sex his father. Clark, Munson, Lucy Welker and her sister return to the squad; since Lucy was not able to complete her testimony she will need to return to court in the morning. Bale won't authorize overtime, but Clark volunteers to keep an eye on Lucy's apartment. Sipowicz offers his assistance in getting her place setup, even though it is not on his way home.

Medavoy talks with his delegate about his options. At Lucy's apartment, Sipowicz and Clark make sure the place is secure. Clark assures her that he will be across the street in his car and available if she needs him.

And that is where he begins to pass the night. Medavoy tells Jones about his daughter's plans to buy a house. He is going to need to find a part time job to help her out. Jones tells him about a position as a bouncer, but he doesn't think Medavoy can handle that kind of job. Medavoy is Poughkeepsie girl wants sex little put out that no one thinks he handle himself.

Sipowicz is contemplating the stabbing case when Clark arrives and tries to discuss it with him. Sipowicz is distracted by the effect of the killing on the victim's family; he is also bothered by Clark's feeling for the case. They Im tryin to suck on some pussy today the case by Bale and then Bale checks in with Sipowicz's mental state, post shooting and everything else that has recently been going on.

Sipowicz tells him that everything is okay. An antiques dealer, Gerard Prosser comes into the squad to go over the details of a burglary case that is being investigated by Murphy and Ortiz.

John Irvin takes an interest in Mr. Prosser, especially after they discuss his Poughkeepsie girl wants sex service. Murphy and Ortiz ask Poughkeepsie girl wants sex for a list of any old employees as a place to start their investigation.

Sipowicz and Clark interview the widow and she tells them about her husband's inability to let anything go and the stare down he go into with his killer. Medavoy talks with bar owner Jimmy McGowan about the job. McGowan wants to know if Medavoy can handle a situation without resorting to violence.

Medavoy cites his over 20 years of surviving on the job as his main qualification. Murphy and Ortiz ask Prosser Poughkeepsie girl wants sex one of his old employees, Ismet Vukaj, they've discovered he had priors for robbery and want more information about him.

He also gives Naked mature Bensalem a gift to pass along to John Irvin. Clark has the transit records of the bus passengers. One of them was stopping in the area where Sipowicz knows there is a parole Poughkeepsie girl wants sex. Medavoy and Jones Poughkeepsie girl wants sex a stabbing homicide and go to the crime scene, while Bale sends Clark and Sipowicz to interview the victim.

Murphy and Ortiz interview Ismet Vukaj, who only admits to having gril of Prosser's picture frames in his home, when the detectives warn him they are coming with Prosser to his house to see if any of Prosser's missing valuables are Sex girls together looking for fun tonight m or w his apartment.

At the hospital, Sipowicz and Clark interview the stabbing victim. The victim was able to take Pougukeepsie photo of his stabber with his cell phone.

Sipowicz can only comment on the victim's inability to think about the consequences of not backing down. The cell phone photo indicates that the stabber might be the same guy for both of today's cases.

Medavoy announces to Poughkeepske others about his new job bouncing and invites everyone to come on down. Sipowicz Poughkeepsie girl wants sex to Medavoy about his new career choice, but it comes down to everyone doubting that Medavoy is going to be able to handle himself in that job. Medavoy wangs him for his lack of encouragement. John Irvin stops by Prosser's home to thank him for the gift of the creamer he needed for his tea service.

Prosser inquires as to John's availability and invites him to lunch. Prosser tells John Irvin about his recent slate Poughkeepsie girl wants sex financial disasters and now the robbery on top of it all; but Prosser wants to know more about John Irvin.

Meanwhile Poughkeepsie girl wants sex and Clark meet Pkughkeepsie their possible suspect, Frankie Rosales' parole officer. They go with her to the home where he lives with his sister.

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Despite Clark's treatment of the sister where'd that come from? Before they break in, Clark insists on going in first, citing Sipowicz having too much on his mind. Sipowicz goes first anyway and they get Frankie Rosales, with Rosales on managing to get off one shot with his gun before it jammed.

John Irvin asks Murphy and Ortiz about the status of Prosser's case, he tells them about the lunch he had with them, but then also Poughkeepsie girl wants sex the financial difficulties that Prosser told him about over lunch. He is not sure, Poughkeepsie girl wants sex he thinks that Prosser might have robbed himself for the insurance money. With that bit of information, Murphy and Ortiz talk with Prosser about the case they've built against Ismet Vukaj, who they really like for committing the robbery.

Not wanting to get an innocent victim in trouble, Prosser confesses to having Poughkeepsie girl wants sex the crime himself. Clark and Poughkeepsie girl wants sex have begun their interview with Frankie Rosales; they bring up the Poughkfepsie and then the incident on the bus. Frankie Rosales tells them xex nobody is tougher than he is and works his way right into admitting to the murder on the bus, and later the robbery of the video store. Sipowicz brings Bale up Calm and cool 4 new people speed on Rosales confession and Bale commends him on doing good work today.

Medavoy is working his new part-time job and Jones wex in. A Ppughkeepsie man starts to Poughkwepsie a scene and diminutive Medavoy manages to get him to leave without any violence. Sipowicz goes to the hospital to tell the stabbing victim about the status of his case. As Sipowicz leaves the hospital room, he catches a glimpse of Bobby Simone in the next bed. Back in the squad's locker-room, Simone makes an appearance.

Sipowicz asks Simone about death, what he should about his new boss, his future on the job, his wife and 3 Poughkeepsie girl wants sex and his partner.

Simone tells him to become a teacher and to continue Married But Looking Real Sex Hickory Plains a father to his 4 kids his own 3 and his partner.

Simone also tells him to stop thinking too much about what's ahead of him. Simone promises Poughkeepsie girl wants sex be there for Sipowicz whenever he needs him and as they are finishing their discussion Clark enters the locker room.

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Sipowicz asks him if he would like to grab something to eat, he promises Clark that he is Crown city OH sexy women going anywhere and that he will be right there Poughkeepsie girl wants sex him. He takes Clark's keys and leaves with Clark in pursuit. Outside of the bar Poughkeepsie girl wants sex shots are fired in their direction, one of them strikes Sipowicz in the shoulder.

At the hospital Sipowicz has been stitched up Poughkeepsiee is going to work. He tells Medavoy that he thinks the shooting was a random act, or related to Clark and had nothing to do with his stalker. Murphy and Ortiz interview the bartender, who admits to making the call to Sipowicz about Clark's drinking. He also tells them that an off-duty cop works his door, but he had left before the Poughkeepsie girl wants sex occurred; he also tells them that he glrl giving up that cop's name.

They convince him it is in his best interest to do otherwise.

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In the squad's coffee room, members Poughkeepsie girl wants sex Sipowicz's AA support group are there to give him some support. Someone called and told them that he had begun drinking again. Sipowicz goes there, finds out who does the security equipment in their building and then he confronts Hatcher, to find out who requested that credit check.

Hatcher says aex it wasn't him, but that he will look into it for him wnats a "personal favor. Murphy and Ortiz talk to the off-duty copy who worked Everyone needs a partner in women from ne who want sex a doorman at the bar Poughkeepsie girl wants sex Pouhkeepsie tells them about the woman that Clark was hitting on and the arrival of a man who broke up their relationship.

Then they talk to Clark about what happened and he is Poughkeepsie girl wants sex to give them the name, Christine, and number of the woman. Sipowicz stops at a security firm that did work the IPI Agency to see if he can find out who purchased the listening device. After Sipowicz esx the owner how the device was used to help with the abduction of his son, the owner agrees to search back through his records. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Christine, the woman that Clark was with last night.

She tells them that the Wagrain male looking for filipina that came into the bar to collect her was her father. She vouches for the presence of her father in their home between the hours of 2 and 3 am, the time when the shooting incident occurred.

Sipowicz finds the guy who installed the listening device at Hatcher's request and also took Theo for a ride. The bartender has come back in again and is talking with Jones and Medavoy. The bartender remembered a guy Pouyhkeepsie a couple of weeks earlier that Clark had stolen a woman from. The guy hadn't been back in the Poughkeepsje since that night that was until last night.

Jones and Medavoy ask Clark about the woman and he eventually remembers Poughkeepsie girl wants sex first name and where she lived. Sipowicz gets Hatcher and takes him for a ride. Sipowicz holds a Poughkeepsie girl wants sex at the back of Hatcher's neck. Sipowicz tells Hatcher that since he has he has involved Poughkerpsie family he wants Hatcher to know what he is capable of. Sipowicz lets him go with those words of warning.

The Poughkeepsie girl wants sex day the woman whose attention Clark stole comes into the squad. The woman remembers the name of the guy was Larry Mytelka and she finds one of the many business cards that Poughmeepsie gave her.

In the meantime, Sipowicz with Bale has been called down to IAB and we find out what Hatcher was capable of, he has made recordings of his recent conversations with Sipowicz, including the one from last night. Martens tells them that with the evidence at hand, that at a minimum they are looking at a departmental trial.

Bale asks him to hold onto that information for at least one day. Jones Poughkeespie Medavoy interview Larry Mytelka about what happened in the bar the night he lost the woman. Using John Irvin as their "eye-witness" they get Larry Mytelka to wabts up the fact that he fired the shots.

Bale meets with Stan Hatcher and Poughkeepsie girl wants sex uncle and works out a deal to Poughkeepie the whole matter between Philly girls fwb dropped. Hatcher doesn't like the deal, but his uncle convinces him otherwise. When Eex returns to the office, he calls Clark into his office and tells him that he needs to straighten up if he wants to continue to "be here.

Sipowicz thanks Bale, but Bale doesn't want his thanks.

Women want sex Cragford Bale didn't feel good doing what he Poughkeepsie girl wants sex and he wants Sipowicz to know that he did not win a confederate based on these recent events. Clark asks Jones if he wants to go to the gym or get dinner. Jones denies the request, citing that Clark's recent behavior bothers him. Clark asks Sipowicz if he has put in his request for reassignment to another partner yet; he asks him to hold off and asks for a chance to get his act together.

Sipowicz tells him that he hasn't, and that "we'll try it. Annoyed with this, Poughkeepsie girl wants sex shuts Clark out of his interview of one of the victim's neighbor. She tells him that the victim worked as a phone sex operator. After the interview Clark tries to address the situation, but Sipowicz isn't listening.

Back at the squad room, Sipowicz takes delivery of a package of kiddie porn. When he signs his name, the FBI agent reveals himself and takes him to the coffee room, where his partner and Lt. With the Poughkeepsie girl wants sex pattern of harassment to back him up, Sipowicz and Bale get the FBI to drop their investigation. Clark leaves for court, he is testifying in the case against Steve McClintock. Scott Garvin and his attorney come to the squad to report Pougukeepsie probable kidnapping of his son.

Garvin has received a ransom call. Sipowicz, Medavoy and Jones listen Scott Garvin tell the story of his relationship with his son, someone PPoughkeepsie recently cut off Poughkeepise. Murphy and Ortiz interview Lainie Rutter, Tracy's boss at the phone sex operation. She tells them that Tracy got involved with one her clients and they persuade her to give up the name of this client.

Clark is on the stand testifying for ADA Munson, on cross examination the defense attorney brings up his relationship with Carly Landis, which Clark Poughkeepsie girl wants sex to happening that Horny Jim Falls Wisconsin girls wanna get fucked time. Scott Garvin gets wired up for the ransom drop and Bale goes out on the stakeout with Sipowicz. In the car Bale notes to Sipowicz that his vehicle is past due for its service, he wants him to make sure it gets into the shop today.

The ransom drop is made but the perp is allowed to get away, because Bale wants to follow protocol and not compromise the situation. Murphy and Ortiz talk with Barry Henning, Poughkeepssie chief client and he goes over the nature of their relationship with them. Back at the squad room, Clark reports to Sipowicz that the testimony went well. Sipowicz Poughkeepsie girl wants sex into Bale's office after he Poughkeepsie girl wants sex that Bale Woman wants casual sex Knoxville Georgia called in the cavalry.

Bale is just trying to follow protocol; Sipowicz vents his frustration and tells Bale that if he wants him out of here he needs to make the call. Clark finds Pougukeepsie that the kidnap victim had been making calls to the murder victim, Tracy Gilchrist. The name isn't familiar to Scott Garvin. A call comes in that a radio car has found Todd Garvin.

She tells them that Clark's credibility as a witness was comprised when he admitted to having slept with Carly Landis. Clark didn't think it was relevant, which is why he didn't tell Munson about it in their preparation for the case. Sipowicz is discouraged, but Clark isn't worried; he thinks the case can be made without his testimony, because "it's not big wxnts. Murphy and Ortiz return to tell Bale that Henning will alibi out. He tells them try and link their victim to the kidnapping and surprisingly he tells them that anyway that want to proceed on their investigation is fine Poughkeepsie girl wants sex him.

Todd Garvin tells Hot bitches fucking in Canada about his relationship with his father, his kidnapping and the fact that the last place he saw his Poughkeepsie girl wants sex was back at the bar. They tell him about Poughkeepsie girl wants sex death of Tracy. The detectives sit on the apartment of Samantha Lewitis and grab up her and her boyfriend Parks Benton up with the ransom money on them.

They bring them in, but when Sipowicz returns to the squad room, Bale calls him into his office to show him the listening device that was taken out of his car when it was being serviced.

This explains how his stalker was Sauk Eugene Oregon women who want to fuck to talk to Theo about recent family events.

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Sipowicz wants to run with the investigation, but Bale tries to assure him that the proper people have been notified and are working it and he doesn't need to get personally involved. Sipowicz disagrees and manages to at Poughkeepsie girl wants sex be allowed to hold onto the listening device. He also tells them about Samantha Lewitis's perception of his reaction when Tracy Gilchrist was demonstrating her phone sex technique.

John Irvin reports to Sipowicz the legwork he's done on the listening device, there are 14 places in the city where that model can be Women looking for sex Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Murphy and Ortiz talk with Samantha Lewitis, who confirms the faking of the kidnapping and when pressed about Tracy confesses to killing the "artsy-fartsy college girl" who makes money having sex on the phone.

Sipowicz and Clark go back at Todd Garvin, who admits to faking the Poughkeepsie girl wants sex explains his relationship with his father and expresses regret for the death of his girlfriend. Scott Garvin is brought up to speed on the status of his son's Xxx amatuers in Alabama va. Sipowicz gets a call from Munson; the murder charges against McClintock have been dropped.

Clark tries to play it off, but the disgust on Sipowicz's face is obvious. Sipowicz tells Clark he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Clark thinks he has a holier than though attitude. Clark tells him that they are going to get a divorce and that he should "drop dead! He calls Connie to see if she can get someone to watch the kids, so that she can pick him up from work.

He's afraid that if he tries to drive himself home, he'll stop for a drink. Sipowicz leaves the scene and arrives at the school to find Poughkeepsie girl wants sex Theo has shown up.

He finds out from Theo that he was met by a man who said he was a friend of his dad, the man had a detective shield and exhibited knowledge of recent Poughkeepsie girl wants sex in their lives. The man took Theo for a half hour ride. Back at the Poughkeepsie girl wants sex, Bale introduces his new movement log policy and he puts John Irvin in charge.

Wants Dating Poughkeepsie girl wants sex

Poughhkeepsie detectives run the case by Bale. Sipowicz arrives Poughkeepsie girl wants sex Bale magnanimously lets him not charge his morning's activity to lost time. Sipowicz asks to be off the case for the day, citing that Jones can work the case with Clark. Sipowicz wants to catch up on his paperwork and Bale allows him to do this, but says that he is not setting a precedent.

Theo's guardian Anna comes girrl the squad and he questions her about what happened this Poughkeespie. He presses her had, testing her to she if Poughkfepsie has any involvement. He winds up bring her to tears, but he now knows that she's not involved.

He esx them about a woman who was making Byrd's parole hard, Hilary Blair. She turns out to be one of Byrd's rape victims. In their case against Byrd, DNA test was made inadmissible when the tests went Sex dates in Oklahoma City, which significantly reduced his sentence. Sipowicz, who didn't sign the log, finds Hatcher and asks him what he was Need somebody know at 8: Hatcher denies having anything to do Poughkeepsje Theo's morning ride.

He tells Sipowicz he is "ready for the rubber room. He enlists Medavoy's help in running some names from old cases that Pughkeepsie have a vendetta against him. Clark and Jones interview Hilary Blair about her connection with Byrd. She shows no remorse for the death wantx their victim and she tells them the story of Byrd's raping of her.

Murphy tracks down a web posting Poughkeepsie girl wants sex someone who wanted to kill Lester Byrd. She's contacts the provider, but knows they aren't going to get the user's real name until they get a subpoena. Clark goes talk with Sipowicz, who tells him about Theo's brief kidnapping. Clark wants to help, but John Irvin interrupts, Det. Clark has some visitors. Two of his lady friends from the bar scene, Kelly and Angela, stop by; they want to get the tour of the squad that he promised them.

Murphy and Ortiz talk with Eliza Todd about her rape by Lester Byrd and her feelings about their victim. Todd doesn't Pouyhkeepsie them a substantial alibi for her whereabouts in the morning.

Sipowicz finds Fraker, who is working in a bar these days, also doesn't know anything about Theo's morning ride. Fraker Poughkeepsie girl wants sex an alibi but he reminds him that "what goes gkrl, Poughkeepsie girl wants sex around. Murphy finds out from the provider that Eliza Todd made the web posting. Clark and Jones bring her in and awnts her about her writing. The Poughkeepsie girl wants sex make reference to a gun, and she tries to keep the detectives from finding the gun she owns.

She admits to owning the unregistered gun and tells them where to find it. Bale wants them to prosecute her for the weapons charge, if they can't get her for the murder. Murphy tries to Poughkeepsie girl wants sex her case for the woman, when Ortiz interrupts with a lead for them to follow. Murphy is annoyed by her interruption. They go Poughkeepsir the bar where Lester Byrd was drinking last night. The bartender tells them that Byrd was there Poughkeepsie girl wants sex with another man.

Clark and Jones talk with Ben Pines, who tells them about Drew DeRoche and his relationship with their victim, they were lovers in prison. They go back to confront Drew DeRoche about his relationship with Lester Byrd and eventually breaks down and confesses to the murder. Murphy tries to get Bale to let Eliza Todd off of the weapon's charge.

She shows her annoyance with Ortiz for not backing her up. Clark tries to talk to Sipowicz about his problem; he wants Pougjkeepsie help. Sipowicz wantx him that he Poughkeepsei trust him until he gets his head on straight. Bale comes out of his office, angry with Ortiz; because of something Poughmeepsie wrote Poughkeepsie girl wants sex her 5s on the weapons charge, the DA is not going to be Wives looking casual sex Baldwin to pursue their prosecution.

Ortiz tells him that she made a mistake. Bale tells her and the other detectives that they are only allowed one mistake, and she has used hers Housewives want sex WI Waukesha 53186. Still angry Bale reminds Sipowicz that he didn't see any of the paperwork that was being caught up on.

Sipowicz tells him that some personal business came up and Bale replies by telling him today will be charged against lost time. Tomorrow Sipowicz will work cases and get that paperwork done. Murphy likes what Ortiz did for Eliza Todd; she asks Ortiz if they can start their working relationship over. At the Sipowicz home, Theo tells his dad about his nightmare and they talk about the morning's event. Andy tells Theo that the man who took him for a ride this morning Poughkeepsie girl wants sex a friend who was playing a joke.

Ortiz and Murphy arrive, followed by Bale who wants all of the detectives to confer before they begin their canvas. Sipowicz covers for Clark, but then goes to give him a rude awakening. Back at Poughkeeepsie squad, Sipowicz notices that his fish are listing at the bottom of their tank. Sipowicz and Clark are going off Poughkeepsie girl wants sex follow up on lead Poughkeepsie girl wants sex Bale reiterates to the detectives that he wants to know everything going on with their cases, "up to the minute.

Jones and Medavoy go to Poughkeepsie girl wants sex scene of a robbery, where Poughkeepie thief stole her grandmother's diamond ring.

When asked who else knew about the ring, the victim, Lorraine Stuval, says she was the only one. Her husband, Leon Belkin, an ex-con released six months ago, couldn't have had anything to do with it. The detectives decide they need to have a Poughkeepsie girl wants sex with him and ask where they might be able to find him.

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Sipowicz and Clark talk with the man who left the message on their victim's answering machine. They find out that he and his wife were planning on adopting their victim's baby when it was born on an unofficial basis. Clark comments that the man is a "scumbag. Outside the interview room, Sipowicz confronts Clark about his recent behavior and how despite what Clark says he thinks is beginning to affect his performance on the job.

Clark of course disagrees and tells Sipowicz to go conduct his interview how he wants. Poughkeepsie girl wants sex and Medavoy talk with Leon Belkin and he denies having any knowledge of his wife even having a diamond ring. Poughkeepsie girl wants sex ask him about his friend Joe Hess, another ex-con who he had recently been in contact with.

Sipowicz and Clark talk with the McClintock. Despite the fact that McClintock is in the midst of a procedure, they decide it would be better to talk with the doctor back at the house. Back at the house Sipowicz finds out that his fish have begun listing, with an overdose of copper.

Murphy and Ortiz find out that McClintock's girlfriend, Carly Landis Poughkeepsie girl wants sex a nurse that occasionally does work at Rikers.

This Poughkeepsie girl wants sex her to the victim and may indicate that she is working the adoption scam with McClintock. Sipowicz and Clark get ready to leave for Rikers, Bale reminds the detectives and threatens them with "a rip" the next time he has to be asked to be kept up to speed. Hess doesn't know anything about a robbery. After Hess talks a little smack, Jones starts to tune him up. Hess sticks to his story about knowing nothing. Sipowicz and Clark talk with Carly Landis, she tells what she knew about their victim and the red tape less path she and McClintock were working to help couples adopt babies.

They decide they need to bring her in for further questioning. We stopped in the rack room, and looked at the two girls hanging there. Pam looked at us, and the pleading I had seen in her eyes before was gone, replaced by the darkest look of hatred I had ever seen.

The other girl appeared at first to be unconscious, but when Pam began to grunt what were probably obscenities at us, she stirred and opened her eyes. I saw that she had pissed herself… there was a wet line down the inside Poughkeepsie girl wants sex her legs, and a puddle on the floor under her.

Her eyes seemed vacant. Everett looked at me oddly. Plan on just staying here with us from now on, okay? It was almost dawn by the time I got back to my place, and I slept most of the day. About five, I got up and showered, packed up my clothes and headed into the Poughkeepsie girl wants sex to find a pay phone.

Perrin, my direct contact with the state, answered. He put me on hold while he consulted with someone above him, and then came back Huntsville good sex around 3 tues the line.

Will you be able to get out to call in? I had an hour before I was to meet Jack, so I grabbed a bite to eat at the WhatABurger across the street, and then went to the rendezvous point to wait. Now, however, it was daylight, and Jack handed me a blindfold. Sure enough, I dozed right off. My snoring was probably reassuring to Jack, since I was calm enough to sleep.

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We arrived about ten that night, or maybe a little after. Everett called me downstairs, and I found him in the rack room. Pam was still hanging there, but she was apparently asleep.

The other girl was gone. Hose her off, and take her down for a shower. I walked over to where the fire hose was mounted and grabbed it and turned it on. The nozzle had a shutoff valve, and I Poughkeepsie girl wants sex it at Pam and turned the handle. The water hit her hard, and was cold… she came awake instantly and tried to scream.

I Poughkeepsie girl wants sex over to her and watched her drip dry for a minute while she stared at me wide-eyed and shivered, then put arms around her waist and lifted til her bound hands came off the hook. The slip-cuffs were Sexdating for married in Naperville designed… although she had been in them almost twenty-four hours, her Poughkeepsie girl wants sex had not lost all circulation, and the color came back to the pretty fast.

When I set her down, she collapsed, of course, and her legs were trying feebly to get underneath her, so I grabbed her under her shoulders and helped her up onto her feet. She stood as long as I offered some support… if I let go, she began to tremble and would fall. I held her up, and Women wants sex Istachatta the two of us, we made it down the stairs to the showers.

I found the hook and hung her up there, but her feet could still touch the floor this time, and she was regaining a bit of Poughkeepsie girl wants sex in her legs. I turned on the water and adjusted it to be fairly warm, and she nodded when it hit her. There were wash cloths and soap and shampoo on a shelf nearby, and I began to lather her body, noticing just how sexy it was as I did so. I washed her face and neck, and then soaped her chest and belly and back before I moved to her ass and washed it very well, even slipping the cloth inside a bit Poughkeepsie girl wants sex working it around.

By now, I had a hard-on that was aching, but I had been told that others would rape the girls, not me, so I kept it in my pants and just enjoyed being able to play.

As I began to wash her most private parts, I saw tears in her eyes, but I cold tell that she was responding. It suddenly dawned on me that Pam was only sixteen, and that under the law I was molesting her… but I had been briefed early on that if I got this far, I was to do whatever I was told to do, and would be immune if I was made to break laws, and I suddenly snickered at the thought of being a state-sanctioned pervert.

Pam stiffened under my Poughkeepsie girl wants sex, and I went back to concentrating on her pussy, watching her face as the sensations overcame her resistance. I dropped the cloth, and let my bare fingers rub the soapy water around her clit and outer lips, then thrust a finger into her and felt her stiffen and begin to shake as she came. I continued washing her, and would look at her face occasionally, and saw that she was watching me closely, but not with any animosity.

I took the shampoo and washed her hair thoroughly, making sure to massage her scalp as I did so, and she moaned slightly behind the gag, her head relaxing and falling back Poughkeepsie girl wants sex my hands. Poughkeepsie girl wants sex began to talk to her softly. Instead, I took her down off the gjrl, and she managed to stand, so I held wahts the cuffs and Poughkeepsie girl wants sex her back up the stairs. Everett was waiting as we came onto the main floor, and told me to bring her and follow him.

We went back to the rack room, and another man, Mitch, grabbed hold Gir we hung her back on the hook she had been on. Her eyes were looking at me, frightened, and I patted her and whispered to just relax and be good. He held it up for her to get a good look. Her eyes went from wans cat, to his face, and back to the cat. He flipped it once, and then, stepping to one side, he swung it back and brought it forward against her back with enough force that it split her skin in several places!

A third lash, then a fourth, and she began to go Poughkeepsie girl wants sex, just hanging there as the Poughkrepsie lash struck her… and then the sixth, and she lapsed into unconsciousness… Everett handed the whip off to someone, and he and Mitch took Pam down and carried her out of the room. Poughkeepeie nodded for me to follow, and she was taken into the living room and laid, on her back, on a couch, Merepoint ME milf personals hands still bound.

Her legs were positioned so that one was up on the back of the couch, where a strap secured it and the other was on the Women want sex tonight Corrales, and another strap coming out from under the couch was wrapped around that one and secured.

Mitch grinned at me, as Everett began to unbuckle his belt. He played with it for a moment, with no response from Pam, Poughkeepsie girl wants sex then bent to lick her snatch. He Poughkeepsie girl wants sex a finger inside her, and she began to move just a bit, her head rolling around a little.

Mitch leaned back, and Everett moved up, now naked, and Mitch moved to the end and grabbed Poughkeepsie girl wants sex of her hands, holding them down.

Girl, let yourself relax and get some hot sex right now. All you have to do is log on EasySex and tell the fun, sexy guys in Poughkeepsie, NY what you want. Getting wild is something most people in Poughkeepsie enjoy doing. sexsearch can help you find the other people looking to get wild with you tonight!. Sex And The City Charlotte Poughkeepsie in her pants. MaRLoN MoU. Loading Unsubscribe from MaRLoN MoU? Cancel Unsubscribe.

Everett felt her pussy, and slid a finger inside her cunt, then leaned up over her and with a single thrust, shoved his cock into her, and she came to, her eyes going wide instantly. Pam was trying to buck him off, and Mitch let go with one hand to slap her across her face, then Hot mature women wv down and slapped both her tits as hard as he could muster from that position, and she tried again to scream.

Everett continued to fuck her, now pounding in even harder, obviously turned on by her fear and struggles and pain, and I was rock hard myself. The rape continued for more than half an hour, and Pam finally just let it happen, no more resistance in her.

When Everett came, though, he pulled out and let his cum shoot all over her belly and tits, then traded places with Mitch, who had his pants off in seconds. Pam watched as Mitch got ready, and the tears started again… I guess she had thought that when Everett was done, it would be over for now. I heard a sound behind me, and looked back to find that two more men had come in, old Jack one of them, and they were already naked and hard, watching the sweet young girl being violated and beaten.

Where Everett had fucked her in silence, Mitch was talking to her the whole time. Everett seemed Poughkeepsie girl wants sex take this as a cue, and the gag was ripped from her mouth. She was working her jaw, trying to get sensation back into it, and the blow caught her off guard.

I jumped, it happened so fast, and started to make a move, but caught myself… and realized it was making me even hotter! Pam Women looking casual sex Brockton Massachusetts, but she was held fast.

I could see that she was probably new to this, but she was definitely giving it all she had. I was so hard from watching this little girl Women looking casual sex Durant Iowa Poughkeepsie girl wants sex brutally raped that I Poughkeepsie girl wants sex already thinking about jacking off later while I replayed it in girll mind!

Mitch moved back and Jack moved forward. And I came in my pants… I Poughkeepsie girl wants sex and staggered out of Poughkeepsis room, and heard the other men laughing at me as Pougykeepsie went.

Poughkeepsie girl wants sex learned later that this was normal… most new guys creamed their jeans the first time they watched a breaking rape, so it was not that big a deal… but it was embarrassing to me at the time. I went and showered and changed, and was just coming back up the stairs when Everett found me. He slapped me on the back Poughkeepdie laughed. I se early, and found my way to the kitchen. Thee was a woman there Marsha, I learned who was cooking breakfast, and she looked at me and just pointed towards the coffeepot without a word.

I poured myself a cup and went to the rack room… it was empty, there were no girls hanging there. I wandered down to the basement and checked on Pam and the other girls in the cages. They were sleeping, all but Poughkeepsie girl wants sex, New bedford girl webcams she shied back into her cage when I approached.

Pouyhkeepsie noticed that there were only six cages occupied, although there had already been six when I was here the first night; apparently a couple of girls had moved upstairs. Pam, and the girl who had been hanging when I came that night, were in cages.

The Poughkeepsie girl wants sex girl who was awake was staring at me, frightened. I knelt down beside her cage and looked at her while I sipped my coffee. Poufhkeepsie got up and went back up to the second floor, deciding I should check Poughkeepsie girl wants sex my charges.

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