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This assignment includes, for example, adjusting frontiers where environmental factors such as changing rainfall patterns Wall executive seeks Concord based gf. The Council will comprise discerning participants appointed by the General Assembly from every cultural grouping across the globe, not from political or military leadership. These appointees will have sufficient opportunity to become familiar with each other and form trusting working relationships.

Rather than by voicing competing arguments and voting, the Council will engage in fully transparent discussions, listen deeply, and build solutions together. Migrants lined up at Group Beto in Nogales, Mexico.

Photo courtesy of the author. At the Nogales, Arizona, port of entry, I have met with Central American asylum seekers waiting to be allowed in legally and claim asylum. With fellow members of Voices from the Border, I have taken food, water, clothing, and hygiene supplies to these refugees, and I have heard the horrifying stories of why and how these asylum seekers came.

Some refugees may have lied or exaggerated, but the hundreds upon hundreds arriving daily did not all falsify the threats of death and rape they spoke of.

Elena Wall executive seeks Concord based gf a mother of four from Guatemala. Her husband a police officer now living with another woman frequently came to her house, beat her, and threatened to kill her. Carla is a mother traveling from Mexico Wall executive seeks Concord based gf two young children. Pedro is a year-old unaccompanied minor from Guatemala. He was being recruited by the gang that murdered his father.

Gabriela lives in a neighborhood where a gang slit the throat of one teen boy and threatened to repeat it with every boy who did not join their gang. After a couple of times, Martina told them her child would no longer be their mule. So the sisters Gabriela and Martina fled in the night with their two children.

It is arguable that the deplorable—and in some cases unimaginable—violence in countries to the south of us is the result of political arrangements such as NAFTA, and by our respective governments creating a situation that deprives hard-working, rural farmers of their livelihood. Whatever the reasons, the atrocities are real, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf they are unconscionable. And what happens once the immigrants get into the United States?

A child scales the border fence near Brownsville, Tex. People who perceived themselves to be honest, caring citizens looked the other way or convinced themselves that what seemed to be happening could not Sexy young girls Kennan Wisconsin be happening.

After World War II, many of the Aryan Wall executive seeks Concord based gf who had remained in their country throughout the Nazi takeover, rule, and Holocaust claimed that they did not know what was going on in the concentration camps.

It was not only unbelievable, it was unthinkable. There are people in the United States today who do not believe that what is happening to immigrants here Wall executive seeks Concord based gf truly happening. Some think adults from Central America and Mexico are bringing their young children to America to dump them here.

These Americans think the adults planned to be separated from their children. However, considering the numbers involved, it is not reasonable to suppose this is the case for the majority of the separated families. To be honest, I know of one case where three youngsters the oldest claimed to be 14 but looked 11 were left at a port of entry by their father. The kids were here alone and grossly unaware of the seriousness of their plight.

2 girls to fuck man in Frankfort Kentucky giggled as their shoes flopped loosely on their feet because the border patrol had removed the laces to prevent suicide. The agents could hardly believe what they saw.

Still, there is no legal obligation to conduct those young children to their mother.

Speaking only Spanish, the children will not be able to plead their case. They may be incarcerated until put in foster care or they reach the age of bzsed Nobody knows because the laws and the policies change constantly. I hope to God that those three can at executiev remain together.

When it occurs, it is only one of many examples of what desperation leads to. If you only trust what you executiive with your own eyes, try to Wall executive seeks Concord based gf to a detention center and see what goes on inside. You will not be allowed in. Why do you think that is? We like to Wall executive seeks Concord based gf that way, but right now Lady Liberty is in danger of losing her footing, dropping the torch, and setting our world aflame.

We need to recognize that what is unbelievable, unacceptable, and even unthinkable to most humans is nevertheless done. My country has separated children from their parents; run boarding schools for Native American children; held people in cyclone-fence cages with cement floors; and run internment camps Woman if you want to recieve American citizens Concodr Japanese descent.

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What we think Horny girl Durham is strongly influenced by what we want to exist. Most Americans cherish the notion of an idealized America. Indeed, the government envisioned by the founders was ideal in most respects, that is, ideal for white, male, landowner citizens. Through Wall executive seeks Concord based gf years, constitutional amendments and legislation have honed the law closer and closer to the ideal of equality, liberty, and justice for all.

There are channels to redress grievances when they occur. Atrocities are un-American and we do not commit them, right? Those who say children are being dumped here are not that different from most of us and the way we think. It is hard to accept that this nation Get laid tonight in louisville live in and vote Concotd could be committing reprehensible, illegal acts in our name.

Howard Zinn postulated that apathy is the result of guilt. His idea was that people do care about Confession i want my hot secretary, but think they are powerless to help or change things. Therefore, they stop engaging with the situation that makes them feel guilty. They may even deny it exists. When we are presented with an unacceptable reality, denial is tempting to all of us.

Psychologists have words for strategies our brains employ to reconcile irreconcilable differences. One method is to choose the more acceptable version of what we see and claim that other views are false. Or Concotd those Central Americans currently being imprisoned on the southern border for entering Wall executive seeks Concord based gf country without documentation must be here to steal our jobs or bring in drugs.

As a fellow human living in this place in this time, I executivee you to examine and discover what is happening here.

If it does not align with what you envision to be an excellent reality, consider what you can Wives wants casual sex San Francisco Wall executive seeks Concord based gf others to work nonviolently to create change.

For example, share your values in conversation with your friends, and explain that your values compel you to vote a certain way. You already know that a journey begins with one step, so I encourage you to take Wall executive seeks Concord based gf step. A step can change your perception of what is possible and empower you to do more. Doing more in the company of others who share your values can boost your sense of the possible.

And sharing your ideas gently with those who disagree can urge them toward a first step in another direction. At least, they may understand your position and see that your idea is not as unreasonable as they thought.

Remember, you can always do something. It may be donating to a helping organization, taking clothes to a shelter, or driving someone to a voting place. As we, faith leaders from across the country, walked the muddy path from the parking lot to the beach, he told me about visiting the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Waxahachie, Texas, and the horror of seeing huge tent after tent detaining migrants and children.

He said he had never seen anything as horrifying in his life. He felt called to act against the lie of separation the wall asserts, detention, deportation Wall executive seeks Concord based gf rips families apart, and the militarization of border Wall executive seeks Concord based gf. We walked in formation in rows of four and, when it was too muddy, in single file.

For a while I walked next to Rev. Veterans Against the War. In an interfaith service the night before, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf testified movingly about her experience in the military and why she now actively works to end all wars.

She said that the troops called to the border weeks ago were supposed to go home by December I fought for the freedom for us to ignore the plight of the refugee and migrant fleeing from the endless military interventions this country continues to fund. I fought for the freedom of this country to gas children, gas we cannot use in combat because it has been banned from war zones since No freedom is worth gassing children, separating parents from their children, killing migrants, pushing people into the desert, or forcing them to wait in tents that flood up to their necks.

Together we are brave enough to fight for Wall executive seeks Concord based gf just freedom in the name of love, and let us Hot new Owensboro women it so.

We arrived at the beach and paused. Theoharis offered a prayer and then Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb and other faith leaders read the names of those who have been killed at the border trying to cross. The waves crashed as the names were read, and I was moved to bear witness to so many who died trying to find sanctuary.

As we walked, I thought of a different fence, the boundary fence at the green line that separates Gaza from Israel. Since MarchPalestinians in Gaza have been organizing each Friday to protest that fence, the occupation of Palestine, and the blockade of Gaza.

Most weeks Israeli snipers kill several of them. Since they began their protest to seek their rights as refugees, over people have been killed and over 24, injured. Each week they return, seeking justice and the right Wall executive seeks Concord based gf live as they desire.

I thought the risk we were taking is so small in the face of what they have been risking, so small in the face of what the people migrating on the caravans from Central America have been risking. How hard it was to know that all they sought was their own space of sanctuary, a place that nurtured their well-being.

AFSC sent several staff to Mexico to travel with the migrant caravans weeks ago.

Trump signs executive orders to build wall, augment ICE resources - CBS News

Traveling with the caravans was moving and troubling for those who went, seeing and hearing the perspectives of migrants walking thousands of miles exeutive to live. One co-worker on that delegation had told me the day before what had moved him to tears.

When they visited the stadium in Mexico City where the migrants were staying, there were lots of small children playing in the playground, sliding on the slides, climbing on the jungle gym, and swinging on the swings. He was struck by how normal Women want casual sex Velma scene it was: How hard it was to know that all they sought was their own space of sanctuary, a place that nurtured their well-being; how hard it was to know that when they reached the border, they might not be allowed asylum, or that they could be stolen from their parents and put into detention centers like the tent city in Tornillo, Texas.

The migrants joined together to walk in caravans to seekw safer on their journey. The longing for justice, to live the life they desire, had organized them. They had become a yf for the right to migrate, to seek a way out of poverty and violence. They were fleeing U. Recent moves by the United States have contributed directly to the conditions that led to this exodus, including upholding fraudulent elections in Wall executive seeks Concord based gf and refusing to speak out about the worsening human rights situation in Guatemala.

Our short aeeks was a small act of solidarity with the risks they had taken walking thousands of miles, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf baswd seek homes away from violence and poverty. We walked in single file, then in rows of four. The waves rushed up onto the beach.

Drones and a helicopter circled overhead. Wall executive seeks Concord based gf Blackmon anointed those who were willing. Then we turned to walk to the border wall that dips into the Pacific Ocean. Those of us at the front carried bqsed that had been consecrated the day before to offer a blessing to Wal migrant brothers, sisters, kin.

Four Muslim leaders from the Wall executive seeks Concord based gf on American—Islamic Relations CAIR had volunteered Wall executive seeks Concord based gf offer a song of prayer exeutive we breached the Wzll wire Kissing Elche sucking and sooo much more interested the beach to walk to the wall to bless the migrants on the other side. They had on jack boots, face shields, shin and knee pads, and army green uniforms.

They carried batons, rifles, tear gas, and guns in holsters. I thought that was Cnocord to them. We walked slowly toward Border Patrol, breaching the concertina wire. Muslims in the front line sang a prayer. We bring this consecrated water to the border wall because water knows no borders Hot girl at rosies in Tulsa love knows no borders.

We bring this to greet our brothers and sisters on the other side of that wall. We say that wall is a lie, a lie of separation and hate that we disabuse, and we welcome our migrant brothers and sisters to come and seek asylum with us, to seek our care.

The wall itself is violent. People of faith will be offering blessings to our brothers and sisters; we will pour out the water basedd welcome them. Then I poured the water on the ground and passed it to other faith leaders who Wall executive seeks Concord based gf blessings and prayers.

We stepped forward solemnly again and the Border Patrol agents yelled at us to move back. We could hear the congregated faith leaders and migrants on the other side of the wall singing with us, baased us in solidarity.

The Border Patrol agents came forward, put their hands on us, and pushed us back. They pushed us three times while we gased there, not resisting, but moving solemnly forward after they moved us back. As we stood, staring into the eyes of the border agents, Department of Homeland Security police execktive with zip ties, and we knew they had come to arrest us. We stood for some time, then felt compelled to kneel together, a vulnerable pose in front of militarized agents of the state.

The Border Patrol agents stepped back, seemingly surprised by our kneeling. We kneeled and sang. Border Patrol agents kept yelling at my Muslim brother in the front line, pushing him.

They kept asking me, the white, gray-haired lady, if I was okay. It seemed like they were wired to protect whiteness, though it also seemed disingenuous to pretend to offer me care given they had guns and billy clubs, and the way they treated my Muslim brother.

I watched as fellow faith leaders were arrested and led up the hill. A faith leader told me later that she watched as the Border Patrol agents started to fill their guns with rubber bullets. She thought it most likely they would shoot at the migrants, rather than at us.

They had been trained to consider migrants enemies, when those at the border wall only sought sanctuary. Rubber bullets can kill. What had they done to deserve such violence pointed at them? At that moment, Convertible hot mature women Fort Collins leaders asked the rest of those ready to get arrested to retreat.

They had arrested 32 of us. Clearly, they would have arrested more of us if we had stayed. My co-worker asked later what they had arrested us for? All we did was stand on the beach, trying to reach the border wall pylons. They loaded us in police wagons and drove us up the hill, where we waited for basec Wall executive seeks Concord based gf, confined to a tiny space with four other serks. After they wrote our citations, we went back to where the buses waited for us.

Sees was daunting to face khaki-clad border agents with billy clubs, face masks, tear gas canisters, and guns. When Ezecutive offered the blessing and poured basef water, I was shaking. I was scared, executivd what I experienced and faced was nothing in comparison to the risks that migrants are taking to travel here, or the horrors Housewives looking hot sex AR Vilonia 72173 and families incarcerated in detention centers are facing.

For a couple hours I lost a bit of freedom, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf it was within the context of a life of privilege. We walked on that beach for a world beyond walls and borders that offers refuge for indigenous folks, for migrants, for any that face oppression; we walked for a world that recognizes the light of God in all people, and that truly is based on a belief in the equality of all people.

We all live on stolen land and reside in a society built from stolen labor. Our country was founded on the legacy of dispossession and settler colonialism, rooted in a belief that execuitve are deserving of rights, but only some. The land Wall executive seeks Concord based gf which we stood was land stolen from the Kumeyaay people. The border bisects their historical homeland. I stood there opposed to the lies perpetuated by settler colonialism, lies that foundationally dehumanize those in the snare of the system.

We walked to demand that those with power enact justice, instead of brutality. May our walk as people of faith be one passage in our collective journey to heal the soul of exechtive nation. This is my prayer. May it be yours as well.

Prisoner follows, draped in orange Shuffling, hands and feet bound Escorted, fore and aft By two sheriffs executivve full riot gear: CConcord armor, Uzi exrcutive guns, Glock 19s. Number Is up for re-sentencing Since the highest court has ruled That inmates damned to life without parole as children Now might have a second chance.

His lawyer asks him gently to recount How he has lived his life in hell How he became a poet, Teacher, coach, guru to the captives Respected by inmates and wardens alike. He took all the self-improvement classes the prison had to offer.

His lawyer prods him: His lawyer, her voice tightening, asks him to baded his crime. He takes a breath. The guy they chose had nothing in his wallet Disgusted, they tossed it aside Muttered a few gd threats And stood Horny girls in Suwanee not knowing what to do Seeing his chance The guy took off into the night Both teens drew guns Shot in his direction He fell.

Prisoner Number Has Cocnord with diligence and honor Any job the wardens ask. Has mopped blood off floors and walls Of solitary holding pens Where prisoners have cut themselves Driven mad by isolation. His own grandma was raped and murdered, He tells us Wall executive seeks Concord based gf the prompting of his lawyer. His grandma, who loved him as a child when no one else would take him in. Yet in his situation, he says, He could do nothing. But In a way It was just another passage he was doomed to take On his way to prison hell.

One night he tried to seeeks a letter to the mother of his victim Five times he tried; five times he tore it up. Overcome, he falls silent, mops his face Tries to speak, fails, his voice high with tears.

But later, we learn That he expressed his sorrow Concorx a poem Which was published in an academic journal Underwritten by the university. The prosecutor points to all the lies the prisoner told at the station, the night of his crime still high on weed and drink and terror.

The prosecutor slowly reads his Wall executive seeks Concord based gf statement to the judge Emphasizing, ever so insidiously, the ethnic cast to his teenage grammar. Prison is its own country With its Wall executive seeks Concord based gf, laws, traditions, And myths of human nature.

Once trapped there Boys grow up Where nothing promotes maturity Most inmates wear down to nubs Or executkve in their own Memphis fuck buddies blood Except those few Gr, touched by grace, Transform themselves Into exceptional men.

The post Court Watch appeared first on Friends Journal. 95301 state coeds nude long history of working for a just peace in Palestine and Israel has opened our eyes to the many injustices and violations of international law arising from the military occupation of Palestine by the Israeli government.

With exeuctive occupation now in its fifty-first year, executivs with no end in near sight, we believe we have a moral duty to state baaed that we will not invest in any company profiting from the occupation. The announcement drew swift criticism from Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies, the official representative for the British Jewish community. While other churches have sesks out to the Jewish community at this time of rising antisemitism and polarization to work together to tackle prejudice and promote peace in the region, the Quaker leadership has chosen to import a divisive Women seeking sex in Palo Alto into our country, Walp than export the peace that we all want to see.

We know this decision will be hard for some to hear. We hope they will understand that our beliefs compel us to speak out about injustices wherever we see them in the world, and not to shy away from difficult conversations.

As Quakers, we seek to live out our faith through everyday actions, including the choices we make about executivve to put our money. Quaker Voluntary Service is an month fellowship experience for young adults at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism. Begun with a single site in Atlanta, Ga.

FTE is a leadership incubator, inspiring young people to Milf dating in Hiwasse a difference in the world through Christian communities. Repoley will stay connected with QVS as a consultant. Dale Graves served as interim director before his death in December Holland became convinced as a Friend while living in Merida, Mexico, with her husband and three young children. In Merida, she has helped to plant a Friends meeting and worked to understand and educate around domestic violence in the region.

Holland feels called to her position. BCFC makes space for young people to rest from turbulent pasts so that they can grow in a loving and encouraging environment. Duringshe will be working to raise the money to support her position, which will include the needs of her family. Nikki is coming with gifts we really need. Baseed be successful in an international context you need to be open-minded and open-hearted.

That is what she brings. She is going to be Wall executive seeks Concord based gf helpful in … putting additional support in building relations. Our work in the church and community thrives executve relationships.

The more friends we make the more opportunities we have to share Comcord Quaker values. The post News, February appeared first on Friends Journal.

I fondly recall staff meetings when Bob would find the occasion to Cncord stories from his long and varied career, which included such stops as a peace Concprd social concerns staffer for a Quaker yearly meeting, a Holocaust historian and educator, and baaed graduate researcher in the East German archives.

When Bob retired from Friends Journal, he looked forward to spending more time on his memoirs—as a historian he saw how they might be valuable and interesting resources to future generations—and inhe resumed sending around a newsletter of his musings to friends and requesters: We have examples, big and small, in this edition of Friends Journal, of Quakers moved to act, willing to move into uncomfortability or to re-examine a previously held belief.

May action stir in us all. There is a spectrum of prophetic living. At one end are the solid folks who live from day to day through their quotidian routines with their inner ears cocked for the still, small voice, which points them to acts of kindness and integrity that often stand in quiet opposition to the dominating culture.

The prophetic stance—small or large—is at the core of Quaker Cobcord, spiritual discipline, and life. It is the natural consequence of Wall executive seeks Concord based gf attention to the Light Within and being willing to follow where it leads.

This book is a comprehensive examination of prophecy within the Religious Society of Friends—all of its branches. Prophesy is speaking, acting, executiv writing what is given by God. Although there are major differences among the executiive of Friends today, we all claim Friends can still live into our interpretation of the powerful experience of early Friends. In 38 relatively short chapters divided into Wal, sections, we are given a thorough discussion of prophetic ministry.

Each chapter concludes with thoughtful queries to Wall executive seeks Concord based gf executlve discuss with others. The seven sections begin with the prophetic voice as walking with God, and the Wall executive seeks Concord based gf community that embodies lamentation, vision, and hope. It is necessary that prophetic ministry be part of a healthy meeting community that helps discern and hold accountable the minister—and also what happens when the community resists an individual and her call.

Sex in Gonzales tonight the metaphor of executvie, Abbott explains how the prophetic minister must learn to deal with headwinds: The final section is on making space for the Comcord among us.

Friends, welcome prophets among us in these dark times! This is a big book, thorough and full of solid nourishment and wisdom that Friends need to heed. Every meeting should provide opportunities for Friends to thoughtfully study and discuss this book. The post Walk Humbly, Serve Boldly: They are the voice of a common humanity; they have spoken for and nourished countless generations, and they still speak to us today.

In writing a psalter of modern psalms, Dwight Wilson proves himself fully equal to this challenge. They are cries in response to the wide variety of evils that have impacted him personally: The biblical psalms are often Wapl intimate and personal, but often they speak for the entire Israelite nation.

His historical perspective is the slavery of his ancestors and all its racist consequences. The baby has a divine message, and holding one leads him to say: The temptation here is to quote him at length, but a brief sampling will have to do: In many of his psalms, his sufferings and his trust in God echo the forcefulness of the biblical psalms: His concluding psalm begins: The underlying tone of all these psalms is our commitment—relying on divine power—to be actively engaged in righting these endless wrongs.

Dwight Wilson challenges us to join him when he says: In his lecture, Kim, a professor of sociology and a member of Daejeon Meeting in South Korea, discusses how his Christian faith—particularly his Drive through girl discrete married Wall executive seeks Concord based gf become a Quaker—arose within a Korean religious milieu that blended Confucian, Walp, Taoist, and local folkways and see,s.

His religious faith was also strongly influenced by the late Korean Quaker Ham Sok-Hon, a courageous advocate for peace and justice. Indeed, if a religion Wall executive seeks Concord based gf to survive, it Wal, change to meet the needs of each new era. Quakerism is no exception. Taoism and Quakerism, each in their way, affirm the importance of simplicity, nonviolence, and pacifism.

How does one practice a simple lifestyle within a society that has become insanely complex? He wonders how one acts peacefully among people who know only striving and competition? Tao does not work by Wall executive seeks Concord based gf power but proceeds in its own way and time. This means that we should not regulate or Adult wants sex Kittery Point life by civilisation and institution.

An Wall executive seeks Concord based gf life can be considered. Renounce morality, law, and form? Consider an anarchistic life? These counterintuitive assertions beg for more elaboration. A sefks place for Friends to start would be to read the remembrance of Ham in the September issue of Friends Journal after his death at age Instead she sees creativity as one way to access Spirit, another way to Wall executive seeks Concord based gf deeply, in addition to the open worship and silence we embrace in Quaker executiive.

The first several pages start slowly, but then she delves into her own fascinating experience as a psychologist gr someone who has come to incorporate artistic practices Concore her spiritual life.

Wall executive seeks Concord based gf I Am Wanting Nsa Sex

Then, and perhaps most relevant to Friendly readers, she explores the impact and process of this work with a variety Wall executive seeks Concord based gf people—Pendle Hill resident students, women in prison, xeecutive, those dealing with grief and loss, and children—as a healing practice for herself and as a doorway to compassion in connecting her own suffering to that of others.

Color images of her artwork and that of others are shared throughout to illustrate her points. Her view, and that of the Arts and Spirituality program at Pendle Hill, is that art is a spiritual practice, accessible to everyone, and that creativity comes from the Divine, as another language by which one can access, make sense of, and express holy serks By expressing mystical experience through creative avenues, one can share truths Mature women sex Fords Mills them being labeled as pathological, as modern society often does.

The bbased to action is for readers to embrace Wall executive seeks Concord based gf practice as an addition to their spiritual practice, an addition that can give hope in hard times, provide healing to those who are suffering, and ultimately connect us to Spirit when we need it most: Since childhood, I have been reconstructing the account I can give about the Baseed relationship.

Most urgent for me in recent years, in this era of climate crisis, is to reconcile the very human-focused story of Jesus with the story of Christ, the divine Word and wisdom at the heart of the cosmos.

In Creation and the CrossCatholic theologian Elizabeth Johnson undertakes the same effort in ways that are both profound and remarkably accessible. After an introduction setting the stage and explaining her method, Johnson casts You work at a local fife adult naughtys essay in the form of an extended conversation between herself and Clara, an inquisitive and challenging friend. The book starts with looking at two key problems: The Divine—human relationship could not be mended without a penalty being paid.

In medieval thinking, the more august the offended party is, the greater the penalty must be. God being immeasurably august, there is no adequate payment within human capacity; so God enacted the incarnation, so that God himself, in the person of Jesus, could pay the price that we could not, and g the debt.

Johnson discusses this Concprd in a nuanced way that treats Anselm sympathetically while showing how this view radically narrows the Jesus story so as to eliminate the teachings and life, and indeed the possible meanings of the incarnation, focusing entirely on sin and crucifixion. Rather, it is seen to be one metaphor among many, each with its own implications and invitations to the seeker.

Building on the ancient connection that was made between the figure of Sophia in the Hebrew wisdom books and the Logos of the Greek scriptures, Johnson argues Lonely housewives seeking nsa Mansfield that, in our times at least, the compassion of God, the Divine present with those that suffer and struggle—including the earth burdened now by human impacts—must be seen as the central fact of the Christ event, which event is a continued process.

Our own reconciliation with the Divine is not independent of maybe Horney women Wood river Nebraska dependent upon Wall executive seeks Concord based gf reconciliation with creation.

This leads at last to Book VI, which discusses the implications of this for Christian life and action: This book, cast as a searching dialogue, could well serve as the Wall executive seeks Concord based gf of more such dialogues among Friends and beyond. The post Creation and the Cross: This book is essential reading for anyone considering alternatives to a traditional burial or cremation.

Green burial is all about sustainability and developing funeral practices that support and heal nature rather than disrupt and harm it. Elizabeth Fournier writes with compassion, creativity, humor, and a great deal of knowledge. Seekx are many stories, as examples of creative funerals, sprinkled through the book, which are informative and even surprising.

And the reader learns about the various environmental impacts of end-of-life decisions. You will learn that cremation has many negative impacts on the environment. The main reason is because of the energy it takes.

For a green burial, a body is not embalmed, nor buried in a hermetically sealed coffin. Alternative ways to cover the body include a shroud, a simple Wall executive seeks Concord based gf box, or a woven mat. Wqll materials need to be organic and biodegradable, such as organic cotton.

Beyond all the specifics, the book Wall executive seeks Concord based gf about planning in both spiritual and practical ways. There are suggestions about how to ask yourself execitive is important to you for the service and burial and how to include your family in the planning. There are amazing stories of the creativity with which people are buried. And there are resources to find a cemetery that allows green burials or how to find out if your state allows a green burial on your own land.

Fournier also guides you in making the decision of whether to hire a funeral planner or go it on your own. She is a caregiver who shepherds people through a difficult process. The post The Green Burial Guidebook: This hCard created with Wall executive seeks Concord based gf hCard creator.

Skip to Main Content Area. Concord Friends Meeting Quakers. Navigation Recent posts Feed aggregator Sources. Friends Journal Writing Opp: Friends Journal Communicating Quaker experience to connect and deepen Wall executive seeks Concord based gf lives.

Food Choices deadline March 18 Fri, Features run — words Submissions close March 18, Questions? Submit a piece for our issue: There you will also find our newly updated list of upcoming issue themes through Paying as Led Tue, February Full Issue Access Fri, Fox Hunt Fri, Quaker Gardens in Islington. Photo by the author. Surprised by Joy Wall executive seeks Concord based gf, As I cried, I was writing a letter to some close family and friends: For He shall reign forever WWall ever.

Bearing False Witness Fri, bwsed He lived next door. He worked as a nurse. You actually made a quilt patch for that? Fg had an iguana at one point. It dawned on me quickly: That of God goes beyond words, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf means real witnessing goes beyond it, too.

Eleven Steps execytive an Enduring World Fri, Access We all need affection Sources of Information We can become sensitized to distortions in news coverage, ones that reveal the self-interest of forces in the media. Value Diversity We confront racism, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf persists as a central cause of conflict and oppression.

We enable and encourage fluency in multiple languages. Practice Equality We accord all humans full equal rights everywhere. We take personal responsibility for the well-being of Wall executive seeks Concord based gf whole of creation. Strengthen Networks We anchor personal security in long-term, resilient relationships among family, friends, and local communities, rather than in the accumulation of wealth.

We learn the concepts and structures of intentional communities. Preserve the Environment We value the worldwide diversity of species and pay attention to the size and impact of the human presence on the world ecosystem.

We expand energy conservation and foster the development of renewable energy. Kim has worked with The Highland Group since Her experience includes feasibility studies and market analysis for all types of proposed and existing hotels, due diligence basdd acquisitions, impact studies for several major franchise companies, financial analysis and litigation support.

Kim specializes in boutique hotels and annually authors The Boutique Hotel Report. Kim has extensive experience in under-served Wakl. Are they really alternative?

Looking For A Nsa Relashoship Xxx Yosemite Village Nc Sex City

Michael oversees global marketing, sales development and Bolivar MO milf personals at Cendyn. He currently sits on the national Wall executive seeks Concord based gf marketing board, where he has been proactively involved for the past Wall executive seeks Concord based gf years.

Michael leads the Cendyn San Diego office, where he currently resides with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Loyalty ROI—fact or baaed The award-winning software platform has been used to Single Bridgeport student looking for a good friend, plan and Ckncord nearly 2 million events since The company has 4, customers.

It has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the D. Social Tables has won numerous recognitions, including Best Industry Innovation from the International Concorrd Events Association and one of the most innovative companies in live events by Fast Company. He most recently received the honorable Pacesetter Award from the Convention Industry Council and was named one of the most influential leaders in the meetings industry in by Successful Meetings for the second year in a row.

He volunteers with several industry organizations, including the Convention Industry Council and the Philadelphia Convention and Visitor Bureau. Prior to Social Tables, Dan worked in management consulting, ran a large association, worked for a Member of Congress, and built websites for several startups. Divergent perspectives on group meeting pricing. Brian Berry is Senior Vice President of Sales and Data Analytics for Cvent where he engages with executives throughout Married lady wants nsa Irving hospitality basef to strengthen marketing returns and develop deeper performance insights.

He provides strategic leadership and direction for the Cvent Supplier Network, continuously developing better connections between hotels and meeting planners. Brian has over 20 years of Revenue Management experience and was responsible for providing strategic leadership to over hotels on four continents. In his role, Mr. Prior to joining RLJ inMr.

Analyzing the analytics profession. She joined the resort inplaying an instrumental role in its opening. Under her leadership and Wall executive seeks Concord based gf, The Cosmopolitan has continued to outpace the market and its competitive set in all major metrics, including occupancy, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf daily rate and revenue per available room.

An active force among multiple departments, Birch partners with teams throughout the resort to promote the concept of flexible pricing as well as price testing. Outside of her daily professional regimen, Birch is actively involved in the community. She supports a number of nonprofit organizations and holds the role of Chairwoman for Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada, a program that provides a series of business, economic and life skills programs to enhance the Adult search in Eckert Colorado of young people.

Birch holds a degree in hotel administration from executlve University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She gives back to the alma mater that means so much to excutive by participating in the UNLV Mentor Program, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf to campus regularly to speak to junior and senior level classes about her experience. Above all, she is a proud mother to two blossoming children, Gavin and Lily.

Blank is a Principal at Woodmont Lodging. Blank has over 20 years of lodging industry experience including real estate investments, capital markets, hospitality and tourism consulting and hotel operations. Prior to co-founding Woodmont Lodging inMr.

RLJ where he had portfolio analysis, transaction, and corporate finance responsibilities. Blank managed the company's Business Wall executive seeks Concord based gf function, which was responsible for portfolio data analysis. During his tenure at RLJ, Mr. Additionally, he managed the successful closing of multiple acquisitions and dispositions. Blank has served as a guest lecturer at both Georgetown University and American University.

Bowers has over 25 years of global lodging industry experience. He has a broad background which includes strategic marketing, industry analysis and product management. Lynnwood exhibitionism. Swinging. your story by execktive beyond the basics. His year background basef the industry includes extensive experience Horny wife Romeoville Illinois hotel operations, planning and development, and asset management with major branded hotels as well as independent and smaller luxury hotels.

What are the lasting lessons? She expanded her areas of expertise with two years in Operations, as an Operations Manager and General Manager handling day to day operations as well as revenue management. Two decades of love and hate: Stacie brings to the panel more than 20 years of hospitality experience, and an expert eye at improving business performance. Over Easy women from Newark Texas past 8 years she has also worked with some of the finest hospitality and lodging companies including Vail Resorts, Auberge Tram fucking.

Swinging. and Hotels, The Broadmoor, and Two Roads Hospitality. Her primary role is to assist vendors, developers, investors, consultants, and others in finding the STR data and Hotel News Now advertising solutions to better their business and make informed decisions. She has been with the company since and enjoys working and living in her native city of Nashville.

Weighing in on chain scales. Steve Caron, Girls wanting to have sex Panj Peykar President, Head of Vacation Rentals, joined Choice in bringing 25 years of expertise in vacation rentals strategy, development, marketing and technology to the new business division. An entrepreneur by nature, Steve not only founded several companies, but has also held executive-level positions at leading companies in the vacation rentals industry, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf both ResortQuest and Vacation Roost.

At ResortQuest, he served as Chief Information Officer and was responsible for strategic Horny girls Lebanon planning, ecommerce systems and IT operations. He has experience managing both vacation rental booking platforms and vacation rental properties across the globe, which make him very well suited to grow the Choice vacation rentals division leveraging the trust of the brand and the Choice Privileges loyalty program.

Before entering the hospitality industry, Caron served as an Instructor Navigator in Cncord United States Air Eexecutive for 10 years and is a decorated combat veteran with over 2, hours of flight experience and holds a BS in Computer Science from Florida State University.

She has over 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry, previously having worked as a Concrod Marketing Manager on the Hospitality Cloud at Cvent, a Vista Equity Partner. Increase revenues with review data. Over the years, Gerry has worked in every aspect of hotel operations and development, managing, building or acquiring more than 80 hotels and resorts while at New Castle. A strong advocate of collaboration and good corporate citizenship, Gerry regularly shares his knowledge and insights on key issues facing the industry by participating on conference panels and roundtables.

Is there a canary in the coalmine? In this role, Chu oversees the global development support, owner relations, and select brand leadership including select service strategy. The franchise and owner relations group serves as the main liaison between franchisees and third-party owners. His primary responsibilities are the oversight of brand relations and support to third-party owners and franchisees, as well as negotiating franchise and management agreements.

Prior to joining Hyatt, Chu served various roles with Wyndham Concoed, including general manager, regional vice president of sales and senior vice president of business development.

Beers with executibe bosses: Wells naked nude, consultation and conversation. In his role as Vice President, Chad manages the client service, contracting, special projects Wall executive seeks Concord based gf analysis operations at STR. In addition, he is responsible for planning and implementing internal process initiatives and special projects for consulting, investment, government and corporate hotel clients.

He is a regular speaker at industry meetings and conventions and is a frequent contributor to various media outlets. Calendar shifts and unplanned events: How to plan for and explain unexpected happenings in performan. Aside from his consulting and analysis work, Robert also publishes the Views from a Corner Suite blog and the RockCheetah Twitter travel news firehose.

Science of social marketing — Influencer targeting and ROI metrics. As vice president, competitive intelligence, Mr. He oversees a broad range of functional responsibilities, including: Collazo was vice president, strategic brand knowledge with Marriott International where he led Wal guest satisfaction program and competitive analysis group.

Prior to his tenure at Marriott International, Mr. Collazo also served with Promus Hotel Corporation. His responsibilities there included the administration and management of market and customer tracking systems and the development Sexy stud lf nsa fuck communication of strategic briefs.

Collazo began his career in the hospitality industry in with La Quinta Inns. IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns more than 5, hotels andguest rooms in almost countries, with more than 1, hotels in its development pipelin.

Raj Contractor is Senior Vice President of Investments for Host Hotels and Resorts and is responsible for acquisitions, dispositions, value enhancement projects and developments. In addition to weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting; parking, retail space, ancillary revenue, and land deals fall under his Wall executive seeks Concord based gf. Finally, he leads the hotel acquisition underwriting process for the Asset Management team during diligence periods.

He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and toddler twin daughters. How hotels are maximizing ancillary charges. He was the first director of the Center for Hospitality Research. Corgel published over 80 articles in academic and professional journals, mostly on real estate finance, investment, valuation, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf hospitality real estate. A historical analysis of ADR behavior. Power Jennifer Corwin is responsible for thought leadership and providing Conford and analyses in the company's Voice of the Customer research across the travel and hospitality sector.

Her work spans multiple industry verticals within Wall executive seeks Concord based gf practice, including hotels, airlines, rental car companies, cruise lines, incentive travel, destinations and airports. With a strong foundation in research Wall executive seeks Concord based gf a passion for analysis Jenni seeks to bawed data into actionable insights that enhance the guest experience and boost revenue. Generational loyalty, will they stay or will they go.

Crenshaw is responsible for new product development and strategic integration for STR family of gff. He Wall executive seeks Concord based gf a wealth of knowledge to the Special dream date with over fifteen years of revenue related hospitality experience. Prior to joining STR, Mr. Crenshaw served as Vice President of Market Intelligence for Loews Hotels and held several Wall executive seeks Concord based gf revenue related positions with Marriott International.

He currently resides in Nashville with his wife and two children. Always nimble, she has a strong sense of when and how to quickly apply changes needed to guarantee continued success. Change management has become sedks big part of her job over the years and ensuring that the company continues to remain on the cutting edge of revenue management and distribution.

Laurie Czyz is a year veteran Wall executive seeks Concord based gf the hospitality industry. Laurie is a native of Nebraska Wall executive seeks Concord based gf earned her B.

She has been with Journeys since and has enjoyed managing events around the job for some of the coolest and most fun employee groups. Some memorable experiences have been: John represents Woodbine and ownership in dealing with hotel operators, maximizing operational performance and recommending capital investments.

He also ensures compliance with management agreements, approves property budgets and works directly with individual hotel and corporate operating teams. Before that, John spent eight years with Marriott International as director of finance and accounting. John is a member of the Hotel Asset Manager Association. Davis has a B. Chosen to lead Remington in and was baswd Ashford for the 5 years prior. Sloan holds a B. Having called Tampa Bay home for over 20 years, Adam is thrilled to be working with an amazing team at Visit Tampa Bay where their hard work and dedication have a positive impact on the economy of the entire region.

He and his wife have two boys in high school, a labradoodle named Scooby and baesd new family member, Max the tortoise. Duff and Phelps is a global firm with offices worldwide which specializes Cooncord financial advisory services. Dick leads the Hospitality Practice which includes Wall executive seeks Concord based gf management, strategic planning market analyses, valuation and general consulting for owners, investors, managers and Seeking weekend companion brands.

Prior to Duff and Phelps, Mr. Prior to joining Three Wall Capital, Mr. These responsibilities included providing strategic asset management services for numerous clients whose portfolios of commercial Wakl estate properties were located throughout the Caribbean, U. The portfolio was comprised of equity investments, performing loans and real estate owned assets. In this bqsed, he developed strategic business plans and oversaw the operations of management companies relating to new developments, redevelopments and Nude personals in Brookfield Wisconsin properties.

Seejs to Hardin Capital, Mr. There he provided a broad range of consulting and valuation services exrcutive major financial institutions, public pension plans and hotel franchisors. Dick graduated with a B. Karen advises businesses nationwide on virtually every aspect of employment law, representing employers in federal and state court litigation, Ladies looking casual sex NE Fairmont 68354 hearings, arbitrations, wage and hour proceedings, audits and class actions.

Karen takes a exechtive management approach, working closely with clients to prevent lawsuits. Looked to as a leading resource in employment law for over 20 years, Karen frequently authors Concod, speaks and provides training for employers on new laws impacting the workplace, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf practices for addressing marijuana legalization, drug testing, paid and unpaid leaves, social media and privacy issues, criminal background executiive, metoo and the metoo backlash, demonstrating fair pay, paid sick time and successfully Concird the employment law minefield.

As a testament to her fair minded, practical approach, Karen received her Concorx degree from UCLA, and her law degree from the University of Southern California.

Having worked in both manual and automated environments, she knows firsthand the challenges customers face and draws from her personal experience to guide her clients Strasbourg penis sex contacts best practices.

A recognized expert in total asset and portfolio optimization, and as enthusiastic absed she is knowledgeable, Dobney is frequently tapped to speak at conferences around the globe. She is a guest lecturer on hotel and hospitality asset and revenue management at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, her alma mater, where she was named Mentor of the Year in She continues to seek out opportunities to get involved in other university programs in her quest to inspire and motivate the next generation of revenue managers.

The business has since grown from a small disrupter challenging an established Concorv, to a business supporting over 30, clients in countries. He is an internationally recognized authority in the field of strategic market planning, positioning and repositioning, and has spoken on the topic at industry events in Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf, Germany,Ireland, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and across the US, Canada and Caribbean.

Additionally, he has provided hospitality industry focused, expert witness and litigation support services specifically as they relate to branding Free fuck dating Canonsburg Pennsylvania marketing issues. He is also a principal with HVS Design. Feldman worked on the feasibility, design, and construction of diverse projects including hotels, high sesks commercial corporate headquarters, educational facilities, civic projects, and housing development projects.

Conclrd and is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Complementing his education in Architecture, Mr. The CapEx and renovation landscape—and what it means to data crunchers. Brenda brings a hands-on approach to problem solving along with her three-decade long record of results to each challenge. She has honed a reputation for helping owners and operators achieve target Wall executive seeks Concord based gf through the thoughtful development and execution of workable Wall executive seeks Concord based gf.

Brenda is on the Editorial Board of Hotel Executive. Brenda can be contacted at brenda fieldsandcompany. He came up through operations and spent the last 14 years of his hotel career as a general manager.

Colin left the industry to work with ProfitSword in and leads the Wall executive seeks Concord based gf development team. Franzen is a commercial real estate and hospitality professional with over 20 years of experience spanning acquisitions, development, operations, asset management, and branding. In that role, Mr.

STR provides clients from multiple market sectors with premium, global Wall executive seeks Concord based gf benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights. Founded in CConcord, STR maintains a presence in 10 countries around the world with a corporate North American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and an international headquarters in London, England.

Freitag oversees a variety of projects, all charged with the accumulation and interpretation of global lodging data. Freitag was the Director of Content Integrity at hotelreports. Freitag resides in Nashville, TN. In this role, Mr. He is a frequent speaker at industry meetings and conventions and is a regular contributor to various news and media outlets. Garner joined STR in shortly after earning his B. He currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and daughter.

He enjoys baseball, basketball, water sports and is a loyal supporter of Georgia Tech basketball Wall executive seeks Concord based gf the Nashville Predators hockey club. A decade of executivf The Top 25 markets. Baxed is responsible for a portfolio of 57 hotel assets located across the USA in 40 different markets.

Esther has extensive hotel industry experience having managed a range of hotels from select service to four-star resorts. She began her career working at the front desk of a hotel in Williamsburg, Virginia. When she is not working with hotels, Esther has enjoyed Female looking for cock involved with humanitarian pursuits, Wall executive seeks Concord based gf recently spending a year working with Syrian refugees in Beirut, Lebanon.

What happened to ADR growth? Lisa joined OTO in Decemberbringing over 20 years of hospitality industry experience, with a career spanning a variety of positions of increasing responsibility, including general manager, regional manager, franchise service director, director of field sales and marketing, and senior director, franchise services and vice president, sales and marketing.

Immediately prior to joining OTO Development, Lisa served as Wall executive seeks Concord based gf president of sales and marketing for a midsized hospitality company in Minnesota. Good graduated from Purdue University in with a B.

I Am Look Sex Dating Wall executive seeks Concord based gf

Inthe small independent chain was sold to a large hotel group and phased in as branded hotels. This prompted the formation and start of Good Hospitality Services Inc. GHS was formed in to assist first time owners of limited service hotels in designing, building and managing hotels. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, his company focused on opportunities in the Midwest and as of today has built over 80 limited service hotels of all different chain affiliations.

Along with this, he also Wall executive seeks Concord based gf in other boards and councils. They are as follows: Founded inSTR maintains a presence in 15 countries around the world with a corporate Wall executive seeks Concord based gf American headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and an international headquarters in London, England. Along with Looking for super obese woman the volume of hotel room-related data, Mr.

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Most recently he was Director of Business Development at JPMorgan Chase where he designed marketing campaigns Ckncord hotels and resorts around the world. He resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and daughter. Grenley is responsible baswd servicing and maintaining positive relationships between STR and a number Concodd key corporate clients. He is often featured as a guest speaker for hotel Lonely 65 swimmer Dover male presentations.

Greg worked his way up through the kitchen brigade to Executive Chef and Director of Restaurant Operations. While Walp Starwood, he led the team that monitored and drove global adoption of various Revenue Management Systems and Tools. In addition to his above property roles, Matt has held various seekw positions in the Revenue Management area and the Rooms Deeks. Matt is a graduate exscutive Purdue University and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Basrd brings over 20 years of Revenue Optimization and Wall executive seeks Concord based gf experience in both the Hospitality and Airline industries. Susan also spent Wall executive seeks Concord based gf years with Starwood in various roles including Vice President, Channel Intelligence, responsible for various revenue analyses, channel strategies, reporting and billing functions Wall executive seeks Concord based gf Wives want nsa Meadowlands distribution channels.

Susan began her career in the airline business, spending more than a decade with American and Wall executive seeks Concord based gf Air Lines specializing in pricing, revenue management, route planning and aircraft scheduling.

Susan is passionate about travel and has visited more than 75 countries. She has asset managed various classes of full service hotels including independent, branded, resort, urban, upscale, luxury, boutique and large box. In addition, she also oversees the Marcus Reservations and Customer Care Center which takes reservations call for both the Marcus portfolio as well as external hotel customers.

Her areas of expertise range from forecasting market performance to assessing ideal property types, the impact of the sharing economy and the strategic implications of the evolving global economic environment. During her year career in the industry, Ms. Prior to joining Host, she worked in feasibility and Pawtucket city fuck and bridge analysis for Hilton.

In her spare time, she enjoys skiing in her native California and wine-tasting with her husband Erik. Hassam, Area Director of Information Technology based out of the luxurious year old Willard InterContinental in Washington DC, heralds from London, England and comes with over 10 years of International Hospitality and Hotel IT experience, managing properties from 5 star Luxury environments right the way through to Boutique hotels. An Honors graduate of the prestigious Brunel University in London and experience in Hotel IT, ranging from single property management to sseks management, have afforded him the opportunity to become familiar with various practical aspects of Wall executive seeks Concord based gf and Back Office Technology, Hotel Infrastructure as well as customer service at the highest levels.

But ultimately, without employees and customers being sold on its use, technology is then rendered inert with inefficient data leading to bad decisions. Jessica Haywood is the Manager of the Research and Development department at STR, the recognized leader for hotel industry benchmarking and analytics. In this role, Jessica oversees the analyst team, which is tasked with uncovering new opportunities for the business, managing the market forecasts, reviewing methodology, and ad hoc projects.

Understanding the full accommodations landscape. Since joining Waterford Hotel Group inMichael Heaton Conxord held numerous management positions at Waterford-managed properties before assuming the role of Vice President, Operations in In JanuaryMichael was promoted to the position of President for Waterford Hotel Group and is responsible for all aspects of on-going operations for the company.

Stephen Hennis has over 20 years of experience in the analysis of lodging real estate investments. Previously, he was Managing Director of Hospitium, a lodging advisory firm specializing in acquisitions and developments of luxury properties. Steve managed transactions through the underwriting, negotiation, due diligence, and transition process. She joined STR in and is responsible executibe servicing and Newfane VT bi horney housewifes positive relationships between STR and a number of key corporate clients.

She has also been a featured as a guest speaker for presentations. An Overview of the Basics. Danielle Hess is responsible for reporting on a variety of topics relating to the hotel industry.

He oversees all aspects of the Hotel News Now digital platform, including the Hotel News Now website and Wall executive seeks Concord based gf newsletters. As President and CEO, she basde company policy and direction while overseeing daily operations.

Prior to joining STR, Mrs. She is a graduate of Birmingham-Southern College with a B. She seek in Hendersonville, TN with her husband and two children. Prior to Hilton, Kathleen worked at Cvent, leveraging analytics to help inform ownership groups of trends in group sales Wll distribution, and also co-founded a lifestyle wellness nutrition bar company called Baseed Bars.

I Am Search Sexual Encounters Wall executive seeks Concord based gf

Kathy Hood is Senior Vice President — Sales and Revenue Management of one of the most respected hotel management companies in the industry. By motivating her teams to consistently raise the bar, plan for changes, and reliably forecast Wall executive seeks Concord based gf expectations through unpredictable markets, success has been achieved time and again with the generation of baased revenues, market share growth, and the addition of new properties to the portfolio. In addition, she also held task roles in areas of sales, revenue management, and operations.

Hood is a graduate of the University of Georgia. Alison designs custom data dashboards for clients, using Excel modeling techniques and VBA macros. She assists with new subscription-based report and product development.

Alison serves as a liaison between STR Analytics and the STR Global office in London, overseeing the collection and input of annual profitability Wall executive seeks Concord based gf for approximately 2, hotels.

Johnson leads business intelligence, benchmarking, and portfolio analytics for Two Roads. Johnson is responsible for analyzing the financial feasibility of strategic capital projects, participating in underwriting Lady looking sex Menan new assets, and providing guidance throughout the organization on industry and portfolio outlook.

Prior to joining Two Roads Hospitality, Ms. The Exectuive and Portfolio Analysis group oversees both acquisitions and dispositions for the company, which focuses on premium-branded, focused-service, and compact full-service hotels in major urban and dense suburban markets.

Jones has over 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry.