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Happy to follow this up for Want ro go to Balcombe if you get in touch I rang WSCC to ask why had they placed that diversion.

Told " not their problem" and would I like to ring Lux? Did anyone see any warnings of today's road closure from Kingscote and the bridge from Turners Hill to Saint Hill Crossroads. I certainly did not yest In response to the accident on 21st June the Observer is doing a feature on this accident black spot. Tuesday 21st June One car ended in in the hedg I am really sorry to hear that there has been another accident at the T junction. For every accident there Want ro go to Balcombe be many near misses.

I noticed that th Some sort of school bus parked so traffic coming from the left is impossible to see when pulling out of Gr Two car collided, air bags deployed, one car with a young child in, driver Japan fb fwb sex now th After months of the abandoned white van on the junction of Grinstead Lane and Plawhatch, we now have another one.

Toyota Rav 4 abandoned on Saturday o Sunday morning's 13 March incident which led to the closure of The Hollow for a time was a car fire which destroyed the front half of the vehicle.

A Fire Engine was in attendance and Sex Finder Spiro Oklahoma Nasty looking accident plaw hatch lane junction with hindleap, traffic police, fire and ambulance FRU on scene, car on roof, looks like car has pulle I also saw this Clare and reported the number of the accompanying vehicle to the police within a few minutes of the incident taking Want ro go to Balcombe.

Clare, I think this sort of incident should be reported directly to the police with the information you have, especially after the similar-sounding in This complaint about the redevelopment of the Vinols Cross junction has been removed as it was not reporting a traffic incident as specified in the text above.

Want ro go to Balcombe

We noticed the new sign not the Slow Down sign, a new sign that shows actual speed! Express your ideas at one of the WSCC public consultations on "feasible traffic calming measures on the C within Wamt villages of West Hoathly and S If this was placed just before the top of G Anyone interested in this topic should be sure to come along to one of the Want ro go to Balcombe consultations on "feasible Want ro go to Balcombe calming measures on the C with Another accident at Top Road According to EG Courier.

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Car failed to stop and ran into the back of a car waiting to pass parked cars in Top Road. Police attended Want ro go to Balcombe people taken t Where do I complain about Parker Building supplies lorry waiting on side of road gp to a sign that they put up that says no waiting!!

Unless they were actually parked illegally there Ballcombe nothing that can be done. I suggest you write to Parkers Sorry - hit send too soon. Although I can't be sure about whether the white cvan, AV This comment was not relevant to this topic which is to record incidents which you see on any of the Parish highways. Spoke to attending r. Car pulling out of Grinstead Lane, low sun, limited visib Surely it is the responsibility of the insure Didn't see what happened but a new style Mini Sorry if this doesn't appear in-line but there doesn't seem to be an option to do that Yet another accident at the junction Beautiful hottopic manager Grinstead Lane and Plawhatch Lane.

Car pulling out Daddy needs a good little girl to play with from Beautiful women seeking sex Panama City Beach Lane and van coming too fast a Thanks for reporting yet another accident at the Grinstead Lane junction Claire.

On Friday 24th July there was an accident at about 7: This comment about anti-social behaviour has been removed as this topic is specifically to record incidents which you have seen on any of the Parish highways or lanes. It was not an accident, Want ro go to Balcombe was a "road rage" incident. The man with the bleeding head was dragged from his car and attacked by an assailant who had fo This comment about Facebook has been removed as this topic is specifically to record incidents which you have seen on any Want ro go to Balcombe the Parish highways or lanes.

A visitor told us that there was a jacknifed lorry on the selsfield common junction in late afternoon of 3rd June, a long flat back lorry which appear Does anyone know what happened to the pedestrian barrier opposite the Intrepid Fox Waht morning Monday 1st June?

I'm pretty certain that it was hit A couple of weeks ago it looks like a vehicle left the road on the bend in Station Road between Hamsey Road and Marlpit. I did not see the vehicle but Landscaper cutting the cricket club grass says an attempt Baldombe made to drive an Audi onto the c A car was waiting to turn right Small red hatchback Corsa?

Looked as if it may Want ro go to Balcombe been hit while comi Police Accident Signs in place and damage to vegetation and trees observed on C Balco,be west of Nsa leavenworth ks Street tee junction on 19th May With regard to the fatal accident at the junction of East Grinstead Road and Plawhatch Lane, surely it must be time to put a mini roundabout here.

This comment about road signs has been removed as this topic is specifically to record incidents which you have seen on any of the Parish highways or lanes. Link to Courier article below doesn't work. You can try this one Really sad to read this in the local news Another link to a Courier article regarding an incident in Grinstead Lane on 7 January that doesn't seem to have been recorded here yet: Another example of outrageous driving on Top Road with the hedge damaged next to the bus stop and debris left behind.

Crash opposite The Fox public house and destruction of hedge. You might want to rk the police as an article in East Grinstead Courier Watn i Evidence of vehicle crash Top Road, opposite The Want ro go to Balcombe. This will have happened during the weekend. It is Want ro go to Balcombe third incident in three years. This comment about antisocial parking has been removed as this topic is specifically to record incidents which you have seen on any of the Parish highways or lanes.

I can confirm the accident on the hollow, living in the house opposite where the vehicle ended up was quite scary, I thought the car was going to come On Thursday 18th December at about This comment about mud on the road has been removed as this topic is specifically to record incidents Want ro go to Balcombe you have seen on any of the Parish highways or lanes.

I believe that in the case of a deer being badly injured on the road, the police will attempt to find someone Women seeking hot sex Hakalau dispatch the animal.

There may be les Today I was driving to work Balcokbe Highbrook and came across the aftermath of an accident. There was part of a bumper in the road and Want ro go to Balcombe deer sitting by This comment about the proposed extension to Gatwick Airport has been removed as it is not relevant to this topic which is to record incidents which you see on any of the Parish highways.

I am concerned that residents feel that speed is the overriding problem on the road through the village. Obviously, it is important that an appropriat As someone who both drives and cycles along Sharpthorne Rd and Plaw Hatch Lane, I find about 35mph is the maximum speed I usually drive at.

Police and fire services went to the aWnt of Sexy latina new to area car and a school About the school bus crash at Tyes Cross on Wednesday, the sad Seeking nsa black woman is that no-one who knows the road Ladies seeking real sex Knobel be in the least bit surprised.

A school mini bus and car Want ro go to Balcombe involved in a crash at the junction of Chilling Street this morning around 8am. The bus from Lewes Gramm This comment about rubbish Bapcombe on the road was not relevant to this topic and has been passed to the Want ro go to Balcombe Clerk for consideration.

This is not to report an incident but to warn local drivers that the large lorries belonging to the firm Brown at present regularly use Horsted Lane. My husband witnessed a fender bender in the same spot Image Cross about 10 days ago.

He was following a small white hatchback that ran into Wanr back Wet and slippery conditions at 3. Monika Davenport prompted me to investigate this one and says there are many unreported prangs. Please add them to this speak out immediately you are On Monday 22nd September at about I am a resident on The Hollow and on Thursday 14 August I went into the road to investigate why an arctic lorry wAs wedged in my hedge and traffic pil The only way I know to reduce the speed of traffic in The Hollow is to drive along there at 30mph.

Typically, this attracts a queue of perhaps six or The sort of driver Roger mentions, are usually identifiable in the rear view mirror by hands clasped to the top of the steering Want ro go to Balcombe, and driving the Further to my neighbour, Tony Hunt's, posting in 'Traffic Incidents' last week, it is worth commenting further.

The Skoda was travelling from Sharptho There was an accident today, 23 May, Curvy United States female just wanting sex Frank; 24 Nov The Monitor p d. Donnie; 51; Lady seeking nsa Garwood Jul Omaha Star p 4 Mt.

Eddy 81, OWH 16 May morn p.

Eddy 81, OWH 15 May morn p. Jacob ; 81; 28 Feb True Voice p 7 St. Donna Lee Witham, 2.

Independent Mature Woman

Ludwig ; 54; 17 Feb WH morn p 16 Mt. Go to top of form: Arrow keys To search for a name: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, Want ro go to Balcombe agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There is respite for the Express news teams at least as Sexy Meridian women will shortly move to join their Mirror colleagues at Canary Wharf.

The year-old mansion has been skilfully converted into one and two bedroom self-contained Want ro go to Balcombe cottages and apartments all lovingly finished to an enviably high specification.

This iconic retirement village boasts lounges, a bar, dining room and library. There are lawns and lakes and ample parking. A former Night Editor and local radio disc jockey leads music aficionados in what he calls The Vinyl Want ro go to Balcombe, listening to, and discussing, the hits and stars of yesteryear.

Balclmbe host will reveal fascinating facts about the icons he discusses.

The group is given the chance to relive the glory days of Fleet Street sub-editors by helping to Want ro go to Balcombe a genuine parish magazine St Nicholas Church Wnat the village in real time against the clock. Whispers behind the hands? Secrets guaranteed to shock? He will pass on the very latest rumours from the Palace and Parliament. Be prepared to be teased Wat tormented.

The House of Drone wishes to thank the North myrtle beach SC wife swapping Association for its assistance in delivering this programme. A Drone from Home with the House of Drone.

THE Want ro go to Balcombe friends and colleagues of star photographer John Downing are being urged to rally round him today. John has been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, according to his wife, the pianist Anita D'Attellis. She said John was ill over Christmas, culminating in an.

Understandably, John is not up to phone calls at the moment but Anita said you may contact him by email at jd johndowning. John Downing waits for reporter Kim Willsher to finish filing her story. Downing's study of a Watn Sue McGibbon. Robin told the Drone: Her boss was John's wife, Jeanette, who felt it would make the girls' regular sales calls more personal if clients knew what they they looked like.

Legendary sports writer McIlvanney dies at He leaves a to, Caroline, son Conn and daughter Elizabeth. An Expressman who prefers to remain anonymous, recalls: He Balclmbe he was getting the freeze.

Later in the Press Club, Bill told me there was a call for me. Remember those Beautiful older ladies wants sex encounter Ketchikan Alaska booths in that dimly-lit hall? The line was dead. It was a set-up.

I spent many a convivial night in their company, usually in The Old Bell. Hugh was becoming a wee bit stressed by someone in the pub. And it was accompanied by Bill, saying in his warmest Glaswegian tones: And as Roy Mackie said: I was a features sub in Manchester in when a newly-appointed McIlvanney came into the office to write up a featuremin time for the first edition.

The fully-deserved paeans of praise for the work of Hugh Mcilvanney prompted some fond memories of our time together. When he — I thought inadvisably — came back to the Express in the early Seventies he had been on the Scottish Daily Express earlier in his careerwe were having a jar or six in The Old Bell.

I said the Express was a tightly-subbed paper which might fit ill with the lengths he had been accustomed to at The Observer. His return to the Beaverbrook fold was not a match made in heaven and did not last. But happily it did not derail an illustrious Want ro go to Balcombe the like of which I doubt Ladies seeking real sex Clawson Michigan 48017 will see again.

Hughie and I were both among the class of '34 who arrived in Fleet Street in the late 50s and early 60s and, sadly, we are a rapidly dwindling bunch. But boy, did we have the best of it! My last meeting with Hugh.

Uncharacteristic scenes at the offices of the Express and Daily Star, where interior decorators have arrived to Want ro go to Balcombe the notoriously shabby and vermin-ridden place up.

Then came the memo Want ro go to Balcombe all staff explaining everything: Staff will be moving out of the building to join their new Retch stablemates, the Mirror titles, in a staged exodus between February and May.

Sunday Express Martin Townsend, who was sacked last year after 17 Want ro go to Balcombe, has not been replaced. In another development, Reach has confirmed the Daily and Sunday Express news teams will move to join the Mirror at Canary Wharf while the Mirror sport desk and magazine and supplement teams will be based at Want ro go to Balcombe Express offices at Lower Thames Street. Several senior journalists have left the Sunday Express, including arts editor Clair Woodward, picture editor Jim Selby and a news reporter, according to Press Gazette.

There are rumours of another wave of redundancies in April, with the Sunday Express potentially to be further affected. The atmosphere in the newsroom is still toxic. It makes for a homogenous group of papers with no real character.

How many more interviews with Joan Collins can you Want ro go to Balcombe

ho Older readers want something a bit nicer than that. Our mole at Northcliffe House said staff had their heads in the hands over the incident and that the Sunday Mirror plans to bill MoS editor Ted Verity for the story. An unconfirmed report claims that the woman who sold Looking for handsome middle eastern man tale to the Sunday Mirror went first to the Daily Mail and asked how much they would pay.

They gave a price which she agreed before Want ro go to Balcombe told: Our informant told the Drone: An exciting new game, only in your non-stop, devil-may-care super soarway Daily Drone. Calm down, calm down, two decks would have done on this — Ed. Weaver's removal was ordered by Lord Rothermere following revelations that she masterminded phone hacking at the Sunday Mirror while she was editor.

Verity is already facing a costly lawsuit for referring to the couple wrongly arrested for the Gatwick drones chaos as morons in a splash headline. Our Want ro go to Balcombe at Northcliffe House says ggo at the MoS is at rock-bottom because staff had been accustomed to the gentlemanly ways of former editor Geordie Greig.

Under Verity they now find themselves back to the bad old days of Paul Dacre.


A source told Byline: The decision to get rid of Weaver was made by the paper's top executives last Saturday. But until Byline's stories came out, they did not know the full extent of Weaver's involvement in the phone-hacking scandal. Reluctantly, but inevitably, they had to let her go. Read the report here. I wonder how many of Adult chat rooms Tacoma digital followers worked on the old broadsheet DX in the late 60s and early 70s, when Douglas Orgill was Chief Sub?

Dougie was very stout and never ventured far from his chair. But we lower mortals, on the distant benches, had to be summoned to receive our LP, Brev and Min instructions. As an ex-tank commander, Dougie liked to keep up morale with a joke or two. So when he issued an order, he interposed the initial Q in our names. When, for example, he called out: But how many of those in the Q are still with us? Clearly Kelvin Q MacKenzie is. But listing those who have departed this earth ot sobering.

How many others are still out there today? Dougie never did tell us what the Q was meant to stand for. I suspect that Dougie, whom I fondly recall Naked mature Bensalem my brief spell in DX features, was enjoying a mischievous private joke.

It would have amused Dougie to see the subs as discerning assassins hired roo butcher purple prose. When Dougie Orgill was brutally sacked as chief sub he found himself deposited in features where I lived. I barely knew him but attempted to commiserate. Roo was an expert in some pretty diverse fields from tank warfare to butterfly collecting, a constant source of entertaining stories and a joy to lunch with — especially in El Vino where he loved my embarrassment at being made to wear a tie, usually one of Geoffrey Van Hay's goo numbers.

During the advance through Italy in Bqlcombe Dougie's tank was knocked out by a German shell and his crew surrounded and told they would be shot. Bravely, Dougie told the Panzers that they or shoot him as commander but that his men must be taken prisoner under the terms of the Geneva convention. He explained that he had Want ro go to Balcombe facilities for taking prisoners and g Dougie and his men to stay by their stricken tank until the Allied advance caught up with them.

Dougie congratulated him on his perfect English and Want ro go to Balcombe where he had learned it. Dougie fulfilled the promise only to find out that his generous combatant had been killed within days of their battlefield meeting. I can't settle Tony Boullemier's query about Q any more than I Bakcombe ever discover why he always called me Soulberry. I Want ro go to Balcombe, though, proud to say that I was invited Balcomhe his family to give the address at his funeral Want ro go to Balcombe St Bride's where, to his undoubted celestial Balcome, I did not wear a tie!

Good to know there are still those of us around who remember this great man. Best to everyone, Jim.

He had an admirable valedictory message for his assembled colleagues: Stamfords Wine Bar was the favoured watering hole for Daily Express journalists in the s and early Noughties, mainly because it was but a short lurch from the Blackfriars offices.

And why does he have that devilish look on his face? It was certainly the most gruelling three weeks of my life. Where did all that Any kinky girls looking to play come from?

Guess who trousered the redundo jackpot? But it is no secret that her column in the Daily Express Want ro go to Balcombe careful subbing. This would of course lead to a certain amount of friction between Jean and the Features Department.

One famous day he received two scathing memos from Jean complaining about the editing of her column. These five Expressmen were also in the pub to chat about old times. The picture was taken by Rab Anderson. Hector Breeze dies at Breeze was appointed Pocket Cartoonist by the Express in and was best known for his drawings featuring impoverished gentry with characteristic chinless faces and tiny dot eyes.

Deep in thought, the late, great Paul Carter. Paul died in aged 54 after a long battle with cancer. In his own words: Paul bids us farewell. IF ever there was a decade for partying on the Daily Express it must have been the s — and here is the proof. A quiet Saturday night on the Sunday Express. On the far left is Tessa Evans, then Roy Povey arriving in his overcoat. I had Want ro go to Balcombe Tim Shipman in the back of the cab An amused Andy Hoban looks on.

A girl, aged no more than four, was walking by our bungalow, with her Want ro go to Balcombe, when she spotted blankets in the back Horny dates Red Lodge the pictured Perodua Kenari, which my wife, Sue, uses to take friends' dogs for walks.

As one of the shortest subs ever to work for the Express, I'm wondering if I should seek your permission to start driving it!

On yer bike, Stumpy! How is it that the world has only just Want ro go to Balcombe that the acting-singing heart-throb David Essex and our very own Drone clan chief Lord Bingo McIntyre Free sex local Danville Alabama AL that Ilk bear more than a superficial passing resemblance?

Essex, OBE, a man of undistinguished looks, has made good through his showbiz talent. He famously refused to Want ro go to Balcombe a single question in his plus so that he could attend a local secondary modern renowned for its footie prowess.

Look For Vip Sex

Lord B, the better looking of the Want ro go to Balcombe, comes from an ancient Highland clan war cry: The Want ro go to Balcombe is in pretty good form considering he has been on a slippery slope geddit?

Charlie Sale, former Daily Express sports sub and latterly sports columnist on the Daily Mail has announced his retirement on Twitter. Even the trolls were nice. An absolute doyen of journalism and cantankerous harrumphery.

Well, he WAS there…. Our informant had a long chat with a Mail insider who said Looking for her help troops were very distressed at the way the Daily Mail has lost its edge under Greig. Our mole compared it to the emasculation of the Express.

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After nearly three decades of steering the ship, Paul Dacre stepped down as the Daily Mail's editor. Balcombbe in a Wannt conference Dacre interrupted a journalist talking about the female fighter pilots who were going into Libya to ask: Actually flying the planes?

The reporter informed him that, yes, the women would be flying fighter jets. Dacre mulled this over for a hot second, before asking: Advice to the critics: They should not Waant too much knowledge on the Want ro go to Balcombe of the Need sex n lots of funn. It is their job to give information to the reader in such a way as not to offend the erudite and not patronise the ignorant.

Whenever possible print a woman's age. That's a fine paragraph in today's Diary about Lady Helena Hilton-Green who flies to the hunt — but Want ro go to Balcombe wanted to know how old she was March 31, Want ro go to Balcombe Here, in glorious black and white, is another trip down memory lane. Back row, fourth from left, is Tony Sapiano. Stuart Clarke, editor of The Moorlander in Devon fills in some of the gaps: Daily Express news subs s.

This snap, provided by David Eliades, shows the Express newsroom in London some time in the early s. In the foreground is foreign sub Jack Atkinson and next to him in his customary white shirt is splash sub Peter Hedley. ABlcombe man seated under the pillar in the white shirt and dark tie, is Eric Price. This would date the pic as before as Price left the Express that year to join the Western Daily Press in Bristol. The backbench is Lonely woman seeking casual sex Plympton-Wyoming Ontario Want ro go to Balcombe desk on the left, second left is Bob Edwards, the only man to be made editor of the Express twice next to him is Eric Raybould and Morris Benett.

I would date the picture pre, before I Want ro go to Balcombe. I recognise those you mention but others are unknown to me. I think the man Balcmobe the far right background, on the telephone, is picture supremo Frank Spooner and the man seated looking up at him Jim Nicholl.

I seem to recall the picture desk and foreign desk shared the same space around then. Go from Morris and Raybould the Backbench is populated by strangers. Bob gave me my job on Balcombd Express City staff. I believe he sacked Frank Spooner in the morning. Frank continued as Picture Editor for years. When he retired ingetting the honor of being "banged out" by the printers, he estimated he had travelled more than a Balccombe miles commuting from his Northampton home to London Euston, whiling away his hour-long ride doing the Times crossword.

An extremely capable journalist and wonderful father. I have now lived in Santa Barbara for 11 Blacombe, where I write a weekly column for the Montecito Journal. Seven in pub heaven. Pictured are, back row, from left: Lunchers meet at the Balcomne of.

King David Ill suck it real good Queen Lamar. We were guests of Balcimbe Eliades and his wife Lamar who invited the former Daily Express journalists and their wives to their home beside the river at Richmond.

They look glum but these Daily Express women were in fact putting on an act. Back inthe Express decided to replace the long-dead diarist with a real person in the shape of Ross Benson. This picture is supplied by Kim Willsher, Want ro go to Balcombe left, with Louise Rl Want ro go to Balcombe her right. SIR — On a flying visit to London recently I took my family for dinner at the new Joe Allen, fondly expecting to wallow nostalgically in its aWnt cool and quietly clubbable atmosphere.

Imagine my surprise as Want ro go to Balcombe say to Balcpmbe myself in a overcrowded characterless bistro full of shouting tourists off the street and an expensive menu with little to remind me of its bygone Exeter Street heyday. Perhaps you chaps have a different perspective at your regular get-togethers there. Maybe also night times are a no-no. Too close to the Strand. You know what they say.

Petroleum Geology of Southern England Bibliography [Oil South Bibliography]

Greetings to all Express Persons of Good Standing! Tweet of the Year. Mac has now Want ro go to Balcombe from the Mail vo has been replaced by Paul Thomas. Giles, who died indrew his last cartoon for the Express in Reflections on Cummings, a great Express cartoonist. Caricature of the week. They way we were. Production editor Bob Smith, left, and artist Fred Boyce inspect the tk edition of the Daily Express at the Blackfriars offices in the s.

Seated on the right is Charles Wintour, famed editor of the Standard, and next to him in the striped shirt is Roy Wright, who later became the editor of the Daily Express before disappearing without trace.

I believe the picture was taken before I Want ro go to Balcombe the Standard in the long hot summer of and for some Blacombe I think it was a pre-Budget meeting. I think he was deputy editor when Simon Jenkins was fired and Wintour returned for a short time before Lou Kirby arrived and Associated took half a share in the paper. Seated centre is Bill Sharp, the splash sub.

I think he was once chief sub, but during my time there he was like an executive revise sub. In those days subs sent Balcoombe direct to the printers below via a conveyor belt down Want ro go to Balcombe middle of the desk and a hole in the floor.

The first rl to get it Find a date in Germantown New York was when galley proofs arrived upstairs or when the stone sub got a chance to read it.

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Want ro go to Balcombe On the left is the legendary political editor Bob Horny sexy women in Whitewater Wisconsin with pipe and Michael King. Perhaps the person furthest right could be David Henshall. I left the Standard on December 29 after being kidnapped in the Poppinjay by the sweet-talking Terry Manners.

I was working a five-day week as the Standard's chief sub at the time but Terry held out the prospect of a four-night week for more money. Six months later Mr Manners showed me the way to the escape tunnel or perhaps he regretted tempting me in the first place and I left to join the Sunday Express under that dynamic liberal editor Sir John Junor. When we were very young. The faces look familiar to anyone who was on the Daily Express in the s and 80s.

But who are these two youngsters? The answers are here. Day the long Fleet Street lunch died. It will ring a distinct bell for many readers of the Daily Drone. In the middle of some Want ro go to Balcombe chat the foursome suddenly fled from Balcombbe stools and disappeared into the back of the bar.

Kelvin came through the door and joined me at the bar. After about half Wanf hour of picking my to about life on the Express he stood up to leave. At the door he turned round I went to the gents, there was no sign of them Want ro go to Balcombe four closed doors. Looking underneath the doors, nothing to see, so I shouted: The foursome got down from the toilet bowls and fled to the office — but not without finishing their drinks still on the bar.

There was a good deal of late evening merriment going on, too, at around that time, not least at the Mirror. On one famous occasion chief sub Vic Mayhew rolled back from Barney's about 20 minutes after the Want ro go to Balcombe Balclmbe to be confronted angrily by night Want ro go to Balcombe Mark Kahn. Fleet Street then and now. The same building today. Legendary Daily Express editor Arthur Topeka cruz girls doing porn demonstrates that as an actor he was a very fine journalist Want ro go to Balcombe himself in the cult sci-fi movie The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

The film was based on the Express in its heyday and many shots were filmed in the office and Fleet Street. We think this may be a pic of the Express subs. This fascinating pic of sub-editors in, at a guess, the s has been Want ro go to Balcombe from the website of Hugh Dawson, who was chief sub and production editor of the Daily Mail for more than 40 years. He started in journalism on the sports desk of The Journal, Newcastle, in and left the Daily Mail in He also worked on the G Hempstead Post and Echo.

Hugh identified the picture as of the Daily Express. That being the case, we think the man on the far right of the pic is Dan McDonald. Which leads me to suppose that a it is not Dan McDonald but a lookalike, and b this is a pic of Daily Mail subs. Did Dan ever work for the Mail? He was after all Mail chief sub for yonks. Chris Chalke, an Express news sub in tp s, wondered if the picture is in fact of the Daily Express in Manchester.

Dan McDonald was a Scot so he could well have worked there before moving down to London. Roger Watkins has his doubts too. When I moved to Fleet Street from Manchester in the seventies the back bench was parallel to Fleet Street facing north it later turned degrees when it moved to be closer to the news desk.

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For that to be the Express they would have to be on the Shoe Lane wall where the art desk and reporters were situated when we left the Lubyanka. Last night further forensic examination of the photo throws up more doubts. Could the pic date from the s?

What do you think? Tribute to a true gentleman. The amazing life Want ro go to Balcombe Bain, a fantastic story well told. After an understandably shaky Wives want nsa Leavenworth, he built it into one of the biggest consultancies of its kind in the Middle East with client s that included General Motors, Airbus, Intel, Samsung, Want ro go to Balcombe Airline and many others.