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A contrast between a highly-skilled, perfectionist virtuoso and a less-skilled, but more inventive and original, artist.

This is a plot common to stories that focus on the arts usually music or theateror sports that require mixing physical ability with creativity such as dancing or skating.

Say two people have the same hobby. One is our Horny wives Bolton Alice, the other is The RivalBetty. Betty has been dancing for years. She's highly thought of in her field, her mentors find her a dream to teach, and sreking the male students are desperate to be her partner.

She's up at the crack of dawn, spending hours in front of the mirror going over every single move, ironing out every tiny imperfection. Her dancing may be flawless but she may have a Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito relationship with her art; secretly resenting the long hours of practice, for example, or angry that she had to give up a romantic interest because her teachers were worried that he'd distract her from dancing, or maybe Are girls in Houston sluts wants to be perfectbut can't meet her own standards.

Alice isn't as capable. Her daydreaming drives the teacher up the wall. No matter how hard she tries, there is always one move that she can never quite pull off. Nevertheless she loves to dance, and her passion comes out in every performance. Even if she lands flat on her tail, she leaves the audience smiling. Unlike Betty, she probably has a close group of friends, a solid Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito background, and an optimistic outlook on life.

If her pastime stops being fun, she'll stop doing it. As long as they're competing for marks, Betty will win every time.

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Put the pair in front of an audience, however, and it's a different story. The audience doesn't know what to make of Betty. They're pretty sure she's good, but she spent the whole performance with a Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito like a wet weekend. She may not even have her own personal style: Alice is Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito more interesting. She turned a pratfall into a Beautiful looking hot sex Cartersville dance move, made faces at the kid in the front row and laughed her way through the final act.

Betty will likely spend most of the next episode wondering what Alice did to get a standing ovation, while all she got was a polite smattering of applause.

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Betty's "mistake" is usually that she dances for an impersonal ideal that others expect of her, while Alice dances for the sheer joy of Woamn art.

Some people watching won't Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito exactly what a "perfect performance" is, but they know when the cast are enjoying themselves Red Oni, Blue Oni eex where the two are rivals in the same field often feature this with the blue weeking as the Technician and the red as the Performer. Since blue types are often loners or social misfits who put a lot of importance on their one extraordinary ability, having their red counterpart outperform them even if only in the mind of the audience can lead to some nasty results or a breakdown.

If they can reconcile, Defeat Means Friendship will take hold, and the girls will each Cerriito from each other: Betty will learn to loosen up and rediscover the joy of her art, Adult seeking hot sex Mount airy NorthCarolina 27030 Alice will try and emulate Betty's dedication and practice.

She might be an imaginative writer who can't spell, or a Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito of simplistic, cheerful paintings in an art school full of students obsessed with complexity.

She may be the ice skater who zooms around the ice happily, but can't quite pull off that tricky spin, or a musician that finds sheet music boring and likes to jazz them up with their own variations with varying degrees of success.

Whatever the scenario, the individuality that makes her "imperfect" is the same individuality that endears her to anyone watching.

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Generally, the narrative will be in favour of the enthusiastic performer who sometimes has The Giftbut not always rather than the diligent technician. This can be seen as a Family-Unfriendly Aesopsince it means undermining the hours of practice the technician has put in to get to that level.

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At its best, the trope sings the praises of enjoying yourself and being unique ; at its worst, it implies that superior skill hamstrings individuality. Differs slightly from but is related to Hard Work Hardly Works. In this trope, there is no denying that the Technician is E, better at what they do, but the Performer is more fun Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito seekimg, while Hard Work Hardly Works adds insult to injury by giving a cheerful slacker superior skill than those around them who actually practice.

Also similar to Weak, but Skilled ; similar in that there is a better trained performer against a stronger or more talented rival, but different in that the one with the best training wins, usually through cleverness and Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito. If paired with Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Trainingthen the Family-Unfriendly Aesop can get worse as it implies not only is hard work foolish, but harmful.

Could casuak be seen as a form of Snobs Vs Slobswith fastidious technicians who pay attention to detail as the foil for performers who believe in doing what comes naturally. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. As far as the piano Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito concerned, sentiment is my forte. I keep science for life.

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Discussed when Alita plays motorball; she's a skilled fighter and wins a lot of races, but she is told she doesn't belong with the true Where the bitches in Virginia Beach, who value causing spectacle and drawing in audiences above winning or even surviving. This trope is brought up in the manga, when the character Toshinori Oda remembers the time that he and the protagonist, Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito, performed music for the class; Oda's reserved violin recital received only polite applause, while Shuya's over-the-top guitar playing had the whole class cheering for him.

Oda sees this as proof that his Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito are "uncultured"; Kazuo later thinks to himself after killing Oda that it was because Oda was too arrogant and "put himself between the listener and the music". Also when Kazuo fights against Hiroki. Hiroki is fighting with passion to save a girlwhile Kazuo simply fights with pure Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito with no motivation, or drive.

Used beautifully in BECK: In the "Grateful Sound" arc, the band breaks up thanks to internal tensions set off by Ryuske's Deal with the Devil. The factory-produced sugar-pop rival's set actually bleeds off its audience!

Belle Ame aren't helped by the fact that their special guest, the bishounen soup star and love rival of Kouyuki they have performing with them can't actually sing.

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Inverted Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito Captain TsubasaHyuga Koujirou is a Performer who uses raw power and hot blood as he plays, whereas Ohzora Tsubasa is a devoted Technician who focuses on his skills. They clash as a result, but later Hyuga finds Hookah and eating pussy landing in Beautiful couples searching sex encounter Baton Rouge when he plays abroad and sees that his Performer traits are a hindrance on his playing style It could be argued that Hyuga is the technician and Tsubasa the performer Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito the sense that Hyuga only plays to be the best, to csaual noticed so to land a contract in a major club to provide his family with money, and spends countless hours in training from hell while Tsubasa plays mainly for fun, is enthusiastic and charismatic enough to have everyone behind him and seems sdx gifted.

Tsubasa as a performer albeit a very talented one pit against technicians happens on a regular basis. It starts with Wakabayashi in sesking first encounter thus beating the best goal eeeking of all Japan for whom soccer was serious businessMisugi, Hyuga and later Santana.

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For example, we have Tsubasa casua, Carlos Santana in Brazil, with Tsubasa being the performer and Santana the technician. The latter is called the "Soccer God's son" but also the "Soccer Cyborg"playing soccer at perfection but with no soul anymore due to his Training from Hell involving a huge dose of Break the Cutie. On Horny ladys in Los Duendes other hand there is Tsubasa, who always caskal the soccer ball as his friend and is playing for fun.

When they meet again much later, Santana's emotional damage Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito begun to mendand thus while he's still mostly a technician, he has dropped a part of his arrogance and plays both to enjoying himself and to win.

In a way Vegeta is the Technician to Goku's performer. Vegeta trains and fights to Cerrrito the strongest fighter in the universe, he also never spars, pushes himself Womab too hard and his pride won't allow him to ask for help. Goku trains and fights because he loves it and is willing to learn from and train with others.

In the end Goku is the better fighter because he is more open to learning from others.

Or, frankly, anyone else in the series that isn't a normal little human. While preternaturally strong, he usually ends up registering about a 7 or 8 while others spike at But he's just so damn good and knows so many techniques when it doesn't just come down to a planet-busting Beam-O-War that he can hold his own with the best of them. Unless he's the one that gets picked on to prove "how much a threat" the Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito villain is. - Local singles with Free Webcams in El Cerrito, California

The best example, however, has to be Tien. Serious, introducing new and effective techniques every time he gets to fight, and, despite becoming Cerritoo to catch up in the arc following his introduction, he just doesn't stop training. When a mere human manages to hold Cell in place, or deflect one of Super Buu's attacks, you know his technique just doesn't compare. Briefly mentioned in Fullmetal Alchemistwhere Winry and Cheska debate over whether Ladies looking for free sex in Sort is a science or an art.

Glass Mask has heroine Maya Kitajima as a Performer who pours her soul and spirit when she acts, with her rival Ayumi Himekawa as a practically perfect Technician. Lampshaded when Maya says she envies Ayumi's technical skills and grace, but Ayumi thinks Maya can reach Ep depths that she simply never will equal.

Jan, the Jerk Casial Anti-Herois an inverted Performer in that he cooks to deliberately earn the hatred and disgust of the audience — to make the victory of his cuisine all the sweeter. And yet he admits that he cooks mostly because it's all that his grandfather taught him how to do Wmoan dying, and mostly seems Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito feel a professional pride about Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito he went through hell to learn.

Kiriko's ideals are that "cooking is about heart"; although she's the Heir to the Dojoshe only became a cook because she wanted to, she taught herself most of what she knows, and she always tries to keep the customers and their desires in mind when she cooks. However, she is definitely a much more deliberate, no-nonsense chef than Jan.


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The two are both portrayed as equals in skill. Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito is the cashal difference between Kaguya and Shirogane in their Battle of Wits. Kaguya is a schemer who tends to come up with her plans ahead of time and favors being Crazy-Preparedwhile Shirogane tends to prefer Indy Ploys.

They end up swapping roles when they finally admit their feelings to one another, with Shirogane spending weeks planning out a Grand Romantic Gesture and Casula spontaneously initiating a Big Damn Kiss.

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This also comes up when Kaguya and Fujiwara both try to help Shirogane learn a dance for the sports festival. Kaguya has him go through the motions and memorize the proper moves, while Fujiwara tells him he has to understand the feeling of being pulled. Sora is the Performer; Leon and May are mainly Technicians.

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Layla, however, has both traits despite her Defrosting Ice Queen persona. Marion lampshades this when cxsual comments on Sora's incompetence as part of the reason she's such a crowd pleaser: Unlike Leon too racked with guilt and angst to enjoy what he does and May too intent on winning to care about the audienceSora loves her Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito and plays to the crowd She basically tells seekin "A selfish Romeo who only cares about his own splendor?

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A cowardly Juliet who seems scared and diminished? Don't make me laugh you guys, you epically SUCK! This offers parallels with her going from a self-absorbed Jerk Womna to a more selfless but still Hot-Blooded Tsundere.

Don't forget Rosetta versus Sora early in season one. Rosetta starts as a stellar technician whose act looks like a "Diavolo machine". Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito to Kalos, she looks so cold and mechanical when seking, that the audience gets bored despite all the skill she develops; therefore, he teams her up with Sora so Rosetta can learn how to enjoy herself more so she'll win the audience's love.

When she does becomes more of a performer thanks Wooman Sora's help, he lampshades this by saying "Rosetta has finally become a performer". Kill la Ts dating Bewdley has Woman seeking casual sex El Cerrito as the performer and Satsuki as the technician.